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Written on: Friday July 25th, 2008

A journal entry from: Egypt

Thing's didn't exactly go as planned getting here, but the trip itself was good..... no missed flights.  I'm in Cairo at the moment and so tired I can't type or think anymore.       night all!  I'll send more after sleep.


From Maria Alexandra on Jul 25th, 2008

Nice! So you don't know what you're doing there huh? Well, I'm arriving to Cairo very early on August 21. Hopefully if you're there, I would like to meet you. I'm going to be studying Arabic for a year at AUC because I guess I want to be a translator to travel the world while translating stuff from individuals and companies from my laptop. Maybe that's something for you to consider, too? =) Just a thought! My blog is: http://puertorican-on-a-mission.blogspot.com/