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Itinerary, or at least what I know at this point.

Written on: Tuesday July 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Egypt

For you inquiring minds that want to know, here is a rough iteranary....
July 24th.  9:45am   leave Wilkes Barre for NYC by bus
          1:40pm  arrive in Port Authority for lunch with friends.  take subway to JFK.
          7:05pm  flight to Paris
July 25th  8:50am    arrive in Paris, 5 hour layover, meet Mark, teammate with HI-USA from Orlando
          1:40pm  flight from Paris to Cairo, meet team HI-France
          7:05pm arrive in Cairo, get Egyptian visa and exchange money in airport.  pick up from airport by HI-Egypt....  go to HI-Cairo for the night.
July 26th.  Sightsee in Cairo: Egyptian Museum, Islamic and Coptic Cairo, Khan al Kalili Bazaar
July 27th.  Pyramids at Giza.  Transfer to HI-Ismailia after lunch (3 hours by car)
July 28th-August 5th stay in Ismailia.
August 6th  Excursion to Port Said and drive to Alexandria. Stay night at hotel in Alexandria.
August 7th   Morning in Alexandria, then drive to Cairo for goodbye party. Stay night at HI-Cairo.
August 8th  7am Transfer from HI- Cairo to St Catherine's Monestary (8 hours by bus or 5 hours by car)  men spend night in monestary, women spend night in Kyrillou- the women's medical mission outside of the monestary.  Yes, I am staying in a convent for the night, so please get all of the jokes out of your system BEFORE I come home.
August 9th  leave at 2 am for night hike up Mount Sinai.  Arrive at peak just before sunrise.  Descend via the path of penence.  Cross Elijah's Basin and visit the chapel of the burning bush.
August 10th  Spend morning exploring monestary.  Transfer back to HI-Cairo.  Stay night in HI Cairo.
August 11th fly Home!  leave Cairo at 7:35am, arrive in Paris 11:20am
          leave Paris 1:40pm, arrive in Boston 3:05pm
          leave Boston 5:30pm, arrive in NYC 7:06pm
          stay in HI-NYC for the night
August 12th meet friends in NYC for breakfast and a quick trip to Ellis Island
          take bus from Port Authority to Wilkes Barre.


From Lady on Jul 24th, 2008

Thank you for setting up this web page so we can join you on the journey. God bless you and keep you safe as you experience what the rest of us only dream of. ENJOY!!!