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Dude! Asia!

Written on: Tuesday August 5th, 2008

A journal entry from: Egypt

We are finishing up in Ismailia today and are headed to Alexandria tomorrow for 2 days. Then Cairo, Mount Sinai, St Katherines, back to Cairo and home again. I love it here in Egypt, but I miss my bed, hot water, personal space, and the people I love lots. It has been a tough trip, and though I am soooo excited for the next few days, I am definitely ready to get home. I am tired!

We went to a cafe last night and went shopping, which was pretty cool. I finally found replacement batteries for my camera. That seems to have been the quest within this quest. my camera has been dead for half the trip. Bummer. Thankfully it waited until after the pyramids. Literally..... it waited until just after the pyramids to die, and i have purchased 3 sets of bad batteries since. CRAZINESS!!

I went to Asia! We went to port Said, and when you cross the water, the next town is in Asia. How cool is that? 4 continents on one trip. That's blows me away.

Anywho.... work to wrap up and I need to pack for tomorrow. Alexandria, from what I hear, looks more like Greece than Egypt.... it will be a welcome change from the past week.


From Nicky on Aug 9th, 2008

Hey if still want to hang in NYC on the 12th I am game. have a great trip back. Love, Nicky