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Recouperation Time

Written on: Wednesday February 4th, 2009

Last time on the blog we were deciding which direction to head from Fez.   We went with the route of least resistance (on a train line) and took a quick trip to the city of Meknes, a UNESCO site, that is supposedly more relaxed then Fez but often overlooked by travellers.

On the train we met a few very nice Moroccans; in general everyone has been very nice and also very interested in speaking with us, even though our French is atrocious and Arabic non-existent.  An old man from the train directed us towards our final destination, Hotel Majestic.  Usually hotels with names like that are a paradox, but in this case, after the roach motel in Fez the name rang true.  We had to do some bartering from 300dirham down to 200 ($20) to stay within our budget.  Compared to Fez the extra $8 we were spending at the Hotel Majestic was worth it.  Unlimited hot water with in room shower, towels, soap, extremely clean, and no nearby mosque!  It takes the sour to make the sweet sweeter, eh?

During the day we did a little walking...but then Arik started feeling sick.  It ended up he has some sort of Flu so we relaxed in the hotel watching movies and sleeping for the rest of our time in Meknes, there were a few really cool things here (former Christian Prisons) we would have liked to see, but we need to head back to Rabat to finish up our India visa process...next time.