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Travel Journal: Argentina 2 alaska... .....hopefully


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Oct 25th 2007
Oct 29th 2007
Down to the beach
Nov 9th 2007
Back to the City
Nov 15th 2007
The Bikes are finally Freed
Nov 20th 2007 Journey to El Palmar
Nov 23rd 2007
El Palmar ...and on to Uruguay...
Nov 30th 2007
URUGUAY,Paysandu..and beyond
Dec 6th 2007
Story from Punta del Este &Photos from the next town Punta Del Diablo
Dec 11th 2007
Punta Del Diablo
Dec 12th 2007
Into BRAZIL and on to The Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra
Dec 16th 2007
Garopaba, what a beach spot
Dec 24th 2007
On to Florinopolis
Dec 26th 2007
Dec 27th 2007
Foz do Iguazu
Jan 7th 2008
From Iguazu we finally turn south toward the bottom of the world..
Jan 13th 2008
From Colonia Carlos Pellegrini south to ROSARIO
Jan 14th 2008
Continuing south into the Windy Straights of PATAGONIA!
Jan 22nd 2008
Puerto Madryn south
Jan 24th 2008
The road ends in Ushuaia
Feb 4th 2008
Leaving Ushuaia, then a bit further south before heading north
Feb 8th 2008
A few days of hellishly Cold WIND to get to CHILE(The land of Kerrygold butter!)
Feb 20th 2008
Torres del Paine
Mar 11th 2008
Back into Argentina again for more amazing parks & lots of punctures
Mar 20th 2008
Across the road & the sea to Puerto Varas to wait for parts (in the rain)
Mar 28th 2008
Santiago !
Apr 4th 2008
Across the Pass at Aconcagua to Mendoza
Apr 22nd 2008
3 weeks in Mendoza: Wine, Organising, Kings of Leon & Stout
Apr 29th 2008
Life on the farm!
May 15th 2008
Back in MENDOZA ..Waiting on Post, Waiting to hit the road NORTH
May 28th 2008
Where were you on wednesday morning?
May 30th 2008
Jun 5th 2008
Salta to San Pedro over the Andes + Excitment for the days to come.
Jun 15th 2008
Jun 19th 2008
Jun 28th 2008
Windy backroads from Sucre to Samaipata &on to Santa Cruz
Jul 7th 2008
Jul 17th 2008
From La Paz into PERU to Stunning Cusco
Jul 22nd 2008
MACHU PICCHU and (for now) the final drive.. to Lima
Aug 3rd 2008
Back in S A N - F R A N after 8yrs....and back to work...
Aug 20th 2008
A month in SanFran... so far..
Aug 26th 2008
SAN FRAN3: Another weekend of music!
Sep 7th 2008
SAN FRAN4: From.... Not goin out weekend No drink week and still fun had
Sep 25th 2008
San Fran 5:Video House tour &Treasure Island Music Festival &PhotoShow
Oct 4th 2008 8days off : BACK IN SOUTH AMERICA.
Oct 10th 2008
Lima to Equador & through the rain to Quito & to 'THE EQUATOR'
Oct 27th 2008
Back in San Fran again: CARS & BIKES
Nov 10th 2008
The walls of San Francisco !!
Nov 27th 2008
Who moved christmas to november?
Dec 20th 2008
Happy Christmas Joytime season to Everybody and everthing!!
Jan 16th 2009
Back for part 2 of the trip, the Equator north.
Jan 31st 2009
Into the Amazon
Feb 7th 2009
Country 8.... COLUMBIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 26th 2009
2UP : Bogota, through the Mountains & on to the Caribbean
Mar 11th 2009
Carnival to "THE-BEACH" & back to Cartagena
Mar 26th 2009
EAST to La Guajira (Where Papillon spent his time with the Indians)
Mar 29th 2009
West to TURBO and to leave South America
Apr 13th 2009
CENTRAL AMERICA!..via Kuna Villages on the Banana Boat!
Apr 30th 2009
I was in Costa Rica, now Im in Nicaragua.
May 11th 2009
Nicaragua !!..through Honduras..& in a few hours El Salvador.
May 14th 2009
May 31st 2009
Bus to Guatemala, thru Belize and on to MEXICO !
Jun 10th 2009
Jun 17th 2009
From the Guatemalan highlands back to LA LIBERTAD
Jun 27th 2009
MEXICO: Dont let a little rain get you down
Jul 2nd 2009
Trains, Trucks & Pickups through the Barrancas del Cobre
Jul 10th 2009
Now entering FREEDOMLAND. Obey all signs in order to be free .
Jul 31st 2009
Red desert rocks of UTAH to rolling hills of SAN FRAN
Aug 15th 2009
The Arctic Sprint

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