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<p>I remember thinking that we may have set the goalposts too big, what if this.... what if that.... but then in October 07<br />after months of logistics planning and so forth we finally hit the road from Buenos Aires, The challenge was as daunting as it was exciting. When we reached Ushuaia I felt well we made it to the bottom, so we could well make it to the top.</p><p>WHO KNOWS WHAT CHALLENGES LIE AHEAD? But if the journey that has me know beyond the Equator has tought me anything it is that I can rise to the occasion, whatever lies ahead.</p><p>if you want to do a trip like mine a good place to start is here..</p><p><span><a href=""><strong>Horizons Unlimited</strong></a></span>, the website by and for the motorcycle traveller. Bulletin Board, Community, free Monthly E-zine, Travellers' Stories, and plenty of tips and info!</p><p>Hope you enjoy the blog!...</p><p>If you want you can help me get there....</p><p>U can ; )</p><p><span><a href=";business=stebray%40gmail%2ecom&amp;item_name=Argentina%202%20alaska&amp;no_shipping=0&amp;no_note=1&amp;tax=0&amp;currency_code=EUR&amp;lc=IE&amp;bn=PP%2dDonationsBF&amp;charset=UTF%2d8">Donate to Us!</a></span></p>