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I was in Costa Rica, now Im in Nicaragua.

Written on: Thursday April 30th, 2009

I was in Costa Rica, now I'm in Nicaragua.
and before that there was Panama.
Speed guns. Cant argue with them, but u can barter about the price of the ticket.
40 zones, how ridiculous. Anyway... I was going 69 so I had to pay the fine. 66 Dollars. It was written on all the other tickets and I was shown the rules book with the appropriate fines for speeding. For the first time on this trip I paid, because I was guilty. Then I asked, "How much without the ticket, Twenty?" ..........
 A moments thought and then came a muffled "Si".
I thought OK, cool, only 20. I opened the wallet, 12 dollars looked out at me and I smiled and with my wallet in view said "12" ...
From 66 to 12. I was really happy. later that day I found out that you don't pay at the small police stations, only in the big towns, I think I could have just taken the ticket and "Paid" it later.
The second time I was speedgunned, this time in Costa Rica.
I just asked the guys where I had to pay and they said "In the bank".
If they could have known what I was thinking, "Bank, HA, pay Later... SURE thing, HA!"..
I was grand, no worries. They lost. Shows over. But they thought we were still playing.
They told me that in the bank u have to pay an administration charge of 30 percent for the bank to process the ticket and looked at me to see If I wanted to avoid the charge somehow, To see if I wanted to make it cheaper. I said nothing... then
"Si.. and in Spanish "Ill pay in the bank".
Then they just gave up and talked about where I was going, "All the world?",
"No, All the Americas".
"OK, be careful" and that I could just go on.
In Panama (or "America 2", as It seemed to me) I went to visit Greg's hostel, a guy I met in Columbia and then to the Islands in Bocas del Toro. There was a real nice snorkeling spot that had lots of colors. And a nice beach called red frog beach, yes, with red frogs. Some kids helped us find the little red guys.
Cool frogs, unfortunately hounded by a few kids for a few tourists. We were OK but later they were getting $1 just for a look from the older tourists.
Bocas was expensive, everything required a boat to go here and a boat to go there and it was kinda empty. So on I went to Costa rica.
I spent 4 days in Corcovado national park. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corcovado_National_Park )The first day was a 20k trek in with my tent and all my food for 4 days. Heavy bag, Id say 20 kilos, maybe 25 and the trail was more than half on the beach. The next two days were spent walking -without backpack- down the trails well inside the park. One day I got lost for a bit, nothing new there. I ended up on another almost non existent track that the rangers didn't know about. While I followed red tags on trees I remembered the story of the leprechaun and the tags he put on all the trees to keep his gold. There were many moments of doubt and a slight fear that the tags would just end and not lead me back... but I got back to a marked trail. It took a long while but I did see an anteater real close. He walked right beside me, they are quite blind, well shortsighted as they spend the whole day looking at the ground.
: I thought I got bitten walking in the jungle and then I was checking later and there was a tic in my armpit.. SCUMBAG!, I killed him, then there was others elsewhere, 4 in total, but after I got lost in the park I had LOADS on me, SCUMBAGS..
two days later and I removed the "last" one, - I hope.
I left there at 5am, the usual wake up time in the jungle. Gotta get the early morning hikes in. I walked the 20ks back to my bike.
Can u Imagine how fun it was to get back onto the bike for the first time in 4 days and to speed down a great dirt road to U2's new Album?
.. Is that album amazing or is just cos I'm away from Ireland for so long?
(please discuss in the comments section below!!, that means you)
..I picked up my stuff, packed up and went north to Dominical and after a night there I went north crossed into Nicaragua, did all the border stuff and made it just in time for the 5:30 boat to Isla Ometepe. Celebration beer, new beer, new country. Then on to Morgans Hostel, called "Little morgans". I just heard about the place the night before from an Irish couple from Waterford, The hostel is open 11 months and its owned by Morgan Crowe from Sandycove..  Small world! (not really its about 24,800miles around pole to pole)
Now Im off to the Corn Islands.
They were originally dropped from what I see myself doing in central America but I re-decided again to decide to re-add them once again to it, and
..Im excited.
I finally found a weigh station with scales sensitive enough to weigh my bike.
It weighs, with me on it 400 KILOS. Thats alot to lift up when it falls over. Thank God the panniers keep the angle that the bike can fall to to a minimum
Also I hope the Flu in Mexico doesn't mess with my trip. Grr....


From Des on May 1st, 2009

I agree with you on the U2 I love it but everyone seems to hate it back home so I think your right its just cause were away from home. I see the banana diet is helping along your 6 pack

From Peadar on May 1st, 2009

I am afraid I would have to disagree with Des there, I am away from home and I still think that album is shite!

From flood on May 6th, 2009

great nature pics, the u2 album is pants. Definitely the nostalgia of getting back on your bike kicking in