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West to TURBO and to leave South America

Written on: Sunday March 29th, 2009


Story of the first day on the bike ......

FULL SCREEN; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj2OGESYqpQ


The next day I went to stay with Rafael, he owns some property on the beach and has a couple who live beside him and take care of everything for him.

So now I'm here in ShitsVille, the town is a kip. Well that's not fair to the nice people in this town.. but I dont really know them so lets just continue as we began, Im here in ShitsVille. Turbo to be exact. Part one (of 3) in the my attempt to get to panama without spending an arm and a leg, as they say. The boat I was told to go with, that I could trust was almost full when I arrived. So I had to look for another. Grr... but it worked out, I guess. This is night two here. My bike leaves Friday night at 2am on its own, on a little cargo boat, I go tomor on the passenger boat and meet it at the border town, just one of the many things I dont like about the way this HAS to be done.


...wish me luck, I may need it


If you haven't looked in a while here are the previous photos


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EAST to La Guajira (Where Papillon spent his time with the Indians)




From Des on Apr 4th, 2009

Sounds like someone had Karma knocking on his door

From Ste ME on Apr 6th, 2009

Ehh ...Karma.. maybe, I did spit on that ant that one time but apart from that I dont know what I did to deserve any of THIS (and by this, does he mean the good stuff or the bad.. Hmm hmmm) Anyway, Im in PANAMA, Im in Purerto Obaldia ... on Google earth or google maps just Look bearly inside the panamanian border on the carribean.. nothing to do here.. really nothing. got bike here by smallboat ...While getting soaked in salt water I held onto my bike like a newborn baby, I feared for its safefy. Also the clutch lever broke onboard, its aluminium so it cant be welded here.. but army guys gave me a different one, I mean sold me one.. and itll do for now. the trip was mentally tramatic!! but I wont go into it now.. will update the blog later with the gruelling details..

From joe the celt on Apr 7th, 2009

Hi Steve, my panniers went at the same point, used 5mm thread X 50mm bolts to fix them with wide washers, they have not come off since... keep up the great write ups and love the foto's... glad you got the glove back, i love the way an aul pair of gloves become part of you, still have me aul pair from S.America

From flood on Apr 8th, 2009

woah man sounds like you had it rough. Still you couldbe in worse places.I know you cant spend long on internet cafes but if ya need cheering up check this out, needs sound but is just so funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDKiQfBs9lo. adiós

From Mam and Dad on Apr 12th, 2009

How about an update, did you get all that salt off the bike, I know all about it from Fishing Reels but I know they are a bit smaller to clean up. Travel Safe