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Carnival to "THE-BEACH" & back to Cartagena

Written on: Wednesday March 11th, 2009

Here are the photos...

Have you seen the ones from Bogota to the coast... On the previous blog.

Des, You`re a RUN FLAT TYRE !

Just when you thought there was to be no more Peadar ... here he is...

Now he is in Austin TEXAS..

Looking for work and attending a big concert free of charge, after all he is the selfappointed Hotpress roving reporter. Little do they know.

I am just after missing the Ireland Scotland match due to a a "website error" (me in a rush) and I am about to head off to Tayrona National park and then in about 2 weeks I will cross to Panama and have to face the same river that Peadar had to. I hope it doesnt rain so much before I cross it (Pete, what happened is that he survived, the bike cut out in the middle and then he luckily got it going again and rev-ed the shit outtof it and got out...)



From Pete on Mar 14th, 2009

That river Peader is driving in looks DEEP!! How did that end??!

From Peadar on Mar 15th, 2009

Alright Pete, hows it going. That river actually got deeper than that picture shows, it was quiet wide too. Cut out near the other bank but got it going again. If it had been a few more seconds more I dont think she would have started, I could hear the water getting in. Adios, on a week of free food and beer and parties in Texas!!!

From Des on Mar 19th, 2009

The sun sets on Paradise photo is unreal and as for the girl with no pants on she's hot ;) just kidding Lily

From Peadar on Mar 26th, 2009

How come nobody told me there was going to be snow blizzards in New Mexico and Arizona. What do I pay you people for? You are all fired, now get out of my office.

From Secretary Required on Mar 26th, 2009

A new position has just opened up as seecretary. Duties would include cooking, light cleaning, map reading and weather forecasting. Interested applicants should contact Mr. Kelleher at 1800-FROSTBYTE.