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Country 8.... COLUMBIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on: Saturday February 7th, 2009

And what a country it is.

So far, so good... Check out the vids.

If a picture tells a thousand words, and a Video is somewhere like 24 frames per second then this is my longest blog ever..

with lots of Photos cos the internet connection here in bogota is great.
For those of you that are a fan of Peadar, Im afraid Ive got some bad news. There is going to be pretty much 100% less Peadar in future blogs..
He has headed north to get a Boat to Panama on the 17th and then on through Central America in about a month, Paddies day in Austin Texas or is it back in San Fran?? Maybe they´ll let him in the Parade!
We go our seperate ways for now, to meet again someday, somewhere in the Good ol´ United States of Barack!
Just entered columbia :
On the road to San Agustin
Pub, yes a Pub ...in Salento
Waffle from the capital :
Music festival strts here on the 12th
...My hostal is suddenly full of crazy german Drum-&-Bass DJ´s direct from Berlin. Yaaaaaa!


From Seafar on Feb 11th, 2009

Adios montanas, hola playas. Cuidado y suerte mi amigo.

From flood on Feb 14th, 2009

happy valentine sailor