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Happy Christmas Joytime season to Everybody and everthing!!

Written on: Saturday December 20th, 2008


MORE PHOTOS ADDED, of the Goodbye party for me a Peadar!. Peadar is off tomor. and me next wednesday.

What will happen to next ? ? Only time will tell... tis getting exciting folks ....getting real exciting.


Aye ...Tis Christmas morning In the good Ol U.S. of A...

Im gonna make up for lack of Family and friends by drinking in your name (yes you..).. All of you.

Hope you all stuffed ur faces, had a great day and the festivities continue...


Myself and Peadar are back on the road the 2nd week of January..

Ya'll come back soon.



Happy new year!...world.


Hope it brings everyone in the world everywhere what they wish for!

and I hope miracuously that none of these wishs clash.


From Aine on Dec 28th, 2008

Hope ya had a gud1 - little doggy is gorgeous-so cute-headin back 2 Dublin-work 2moro :( Talk durin the week x

From Peadar on Jan 2nd, 2009

For those of you wondering, I made that putt.

From Orla on Jan 5th, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope's it a good one. Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Will send you on the Clontarf pics.

From Mam and Dad on Jan 13th, 2009

Best of luck tomorrow on the next stage of the adventure

From Aine on Jan 15th, 2009

Happy Flight 2day-hope theres a gud film 4 ya-Safe Trip-talk soon--Hello Equador and the next leg of the trip....xxx