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Who moved christmas to november?

Written on: Thursday November 27th, 2008

I fear the second sentence in this blog might not go down too well in Ireland in December. There is a serious water shortage here and this is of course due to the long lack of rain and the just sun keeps shining. It is hard to believe it is December.
If its any consolation I got soaked to the bone cycling back from work the other day. The feeling was strange, like a distant memory forgotten.

The weather is not normally this good at this time of the year and all I say to that is good timing me. The last few weeks have been eventful, and I've gotten out to a lot of the greener parts of the city. I cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Marin headlands national park, great to get out of the city, great to have a great view back at the bridge, and the city. Great. I moved out of Saul's sitting room and into my own place(room) in a shared house. Two other housemates, Ning from Thailand, her two tiny white dogs, Marcelo and his dog 'Jamaica'.

During the week Lily and I went to see Synecdoche, New York ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0383028/ ). I wont even give you my opinion or verdict on it, Ill only say that I liked it so much that went to see it again the next week and was as impressed but still just short of total comprehension. Though.... its more theme based than....blah blah blah... go see it if it looks like U'd like it and dont if you couldnt be arsed. Phillip Seymour hoffman is superb, but how could he better than his performance in Magnolia you say...well, doesnt he just get better. Anyway this movie blew my mind but somehow fell short of becoming a classic for me, Think I actualy ended up reviewing it anyway..hmmm

We all had the weekend off and we had Lilys Birthday BBQ on the deck behind my room, Drinks, Chips & Dips, friends and so on. After the food, ..ok... while it was cooking a little fog rolled in and we tried in vain to get the pit-fire going. Later that night we went to Dirty Nellies pub, My local Irish bar, great fries, Guinness & and open fire. The next day was lily's actual birthday, we tried to make it to a preview showing of Darren Arronofskys new movie 'The Wrestler' including post film Q&A with Darren Arronofsky after!! ..alas we were too late and the tickets were gone. Later that evening Lily and I went out for dinner. Francis Ford Coppola's restaurant in North Beach, a real nice small cafe with a guitarist playing mellow tunes and we had the place all to ourselves. We recommend the meatballs. Mamma Mia..!

Tuesday we went to see 'The Seafarer' an Irish play by Conor McPherson. Pay what you feel night. Love it. It was a great play full of laughs, drama and a whole lot of drinking. T'was nice to get a 'ol slice of authentic Irish culture over here and the bay area cast did a good job at the accents, but I could spot'm. 

Quick note; HELLBOY 2. is Freakin excellent, pure good fun. 

Last week was a 3 day week and Thursday was Thanksgiving. What a meal lily cooked up! Full Turkey, with the american tradition of the cranberry sauce. but and it has to be cheapo cranberry sauce from a can plopped out in a bowl at the table. A full spread of vegs and lots of different stuff all the way to the stuffing. Too much to mention and so tasty is the memory that it pains me to detail it anymore. Myself and Peadar cooked our own favourite potato dishs (Paddy's indeed), Peadar's nutmeg mash and my garlic potatoes( also known as Potato Grattan), Saul brought the Pumpkin pie and we drank and ate the day away. Home alone was on TV, as was the Football, not the real football, their type... ; ) Later that night we went to a party but it seemed we spent more time in taxi's chasing people than in the party.Next day we went to see Baz lurmans 'Australia', Lily and Peadar really enjoyed it but I dunno. Imagine 'Titanic' crashed into 'Rabbit proof fence', you'd have it but not as good as either. On Saturday I borrowed my flatmates skateboard for a spin across to the mission to see the free market, I got a free sticker!..a good sticker though and hooked up with Peadar for a pint at a bar JoeLee, my old housemate works at. Man....those skateboards are fun and this is the town for it. On Sunday lily and I enjoyed another warm sunny day at baker beach and along the cliffs to Golden Gate Bridge, surely the sunny days must come to an end. oppps sorry. 

Also forgot to mention that I got a parking ticket on my first time using Lily's car. Totally legal spot but I forgot to kerb my wheels against the kerb (& it wasnt a crazy san fran road)... GIVE a GUY a BREAK!! I did-NA know ...and only 4 blocks from home beside safeway.. 45bucks..GRRRRRR....

Meanwhile during their dayjobs...After being briefly moved from our residential excavation project to the Fridge cooler installation job for a week  we have been moved onto our next job, the renovation of a block of 15 apartments owned by the SF Hospital used for families of visiting surgery patients. We are stripping out all the rotten wood, new windows, doors, and so on. We used to be Shovel and sand men, now we're windows and plywood men! At work for a short while we were known as 'PeadarStephen'. Just one word. in a really 'CoreyTrevor' type way, but now we have become known simply as 'The Travellers'.

Now after all the fun of the last few weeks its time to buckle down and save, cos its gonna be all South America, Bikes and adventure in JUST 6 weeks. We have to save more, it's all Bah humbug to presents and Christmas and the like. Thanksgiving will do as my Christmas this year.

Oh and If you want to have a FEBRUARY in the sun, we'll be in Columbia.. 

Confirms are Me, Peadar, Lily, Saul, Valerie, Cheryl, JoeLee... 
OK those last two told me in the pub so they dont count but if you want to join us for a month ....

RANDOM IMAGE : http://redeyefrog.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/beach-and-boat.jpeg 
...please do


From flood on Dec 4th, 2008

Quicknote : hellboy 2 is tripe and a waste of ?9.......ooooooooooh controversial. yeah sound, see ya in Columbia so...........

From Damo on Dec 6th, 2008

Hell did not freeze over - chips are still tayto and fries are still chips :P

From Pete on Dec 8th, 2008

As expected Ste its the opposite here... grey, ice, rain. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. The death bullet is arriving this week... Hellboy 2 - very questionable!!!!

From Marian on Dec 9th, 2008

Hello there!! Sounds like ur having a ball....big time!! The pics are deadly, oh to be travelling again wha! You never know, I might turn up in Columbia with by rucksack. Your not missing anything here anyway (in case you were wondering). Take care