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The walls of San Francisco !!

Written on: Monday November 10th, 2008

It has been a while since I have stuck up some shots of Me and the Pman out at free concerts but theres none happenin, and I dont bring my camera out at nights out, OH NO.. I've learned that the hard way. I guess winter is finally here but even after it rained buckets last week we are still treated to the odd day of warm sunshine (normally when we're working, but still cont complain)

The week after Peadar's sister was over we had Halloween, a HUGE Celebration in this Crazy town. Some people in this city look like they try on their Halloween costumes 364 days a year, lots of Prep for a big night. We headed out to a house party , well out the back garden, with a bar and free (thats right) beer.. and while looking for this party we ended up in the wrong house, another party just a few doors up. The streets were full of people everywhere all dressed up and having the craic, not the crack, the craic.. u know.

Then the next Tuesday we had OBAMA DAY, I mean 'landslide day'.. I mean the US Elections, we had a bit of gathering in the gaf and then for the actual result we were in our local, jubilation! ..packed with happy drunken people. I hear that all the party's that night spilt out into the streets everywhere, alas for me the Joy of finally celebrating what was due to us all got the better of me and I was out for the count, some people might just say I drank way too much, or Im a lightweight.. I would just like dedicate my inebriation to the man himself.

Then the next day I had a visit from my cousin Sean. He was over for 2weeks, actually still might be here, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, but before that it was into the nearest Irish bar for a few scoops. We sat at the bar and the barman from Mayo served us our beers and many a complementary shot. A good night was had. Then into work the next morning at 730, a painful hangover, all over ..Head, Stomach, and all over uselessness...but I trucked on thru it. This week we have been moved to a superarket where we helped demo the interior and build a huge new Refrigeration unit from scratch. Next week I move out of Saul's TV room and get one of those real bedroom places, a sublet from a fellow traveller who is off to Belize for 3 months. I am moving from The Mission to The sunset... If u haven't been to San Fran that is like moving from Downtown Mexico to the Asian Suburbs.

Cant think of anything else really ...as if this blog hasn't been action packed enough. YAWN....
Hope you enjoy the Wall art from round SanFran....and I really must be off, dinner calling (where to go?) and then back to watch 'Casino Royale' before we go out to see 'QUANTUM OF SOLACE' on its US release tomor, Cant wait.


From Mam and Dad on Nov 15th, 2008

Some Fantastic Murals. Bet your glad you went digital, think how many rolls of film you would have used by now.

From Ste (me) on Nov 27th, 2008

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Thats right, its 'Christmas2' here stateside and we are gonna be gettin our eat and drink on... 4DAY WEEKEND !!

From Guess!!!!! on Nov 28th, 2008

"The National Turkey Federation estimated that 46 million turkeys–one fifth of the annual total of 235 million consumed in the United States in 2007–were eaten at Thanksgiving"---I love useless info!! So tell me ya had turkey?????