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Back in San Fran again: CARS & BIKES

Written on: Monday October 27th, 2008


We've been back and we've done a full weeks work, midway through week two &

huge amounts of sand being moved out and I'm trying to learn more spanish from the lads we work with but all we're getting is mexican swearwords.. typical. 

Was out last weekend ...but no photos, maybe we'll get some at halloween

So here are some pics I have been meaning to put up for ages.


The cream of San frans motoring..



The old one: http://www.lyingdown.net/page72.htm

The new one: http://www.lyingdown.net/page73.htm

 & I thought i'd show you whats goin on at work ....

Warning : This could probably bore the socks off someone in flipflops.



From ste, me, I, etc on Nov 7th, 2008

What a Great week, historic and full of hope for the future and all things(generally). I knew he'd win, but I couldnt let go of a fear that the bright future that seemed inevitable would be taken away from us all someway somehow. He has finally become President(elect) and its time for Obamas message of change to come about. The right guy got the job & I got faith in him.

From flood on Nov 7th, 2008

well ste " yes we can" bray , fascinating video man, fascinating.............

From Peadar on Nov 8th, 2008

I voted Mc Cain

From inchy on Nov 13th, 2008

great vid ste, shut up flood