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Lima to Equador & through the rain to Quito & to 'THE EQUATOR'

Written on: Friday October 10th, 2008

October 19th 
So on the last day in Quito we had a thunderstorm roll into town minutes before we were meant to drop off the bikes to Christian and Pablo. We waited, the hail and thunder and torrential rain passed and we met them in the afternoon. We arrived and were hoping to get the bikes parked up before the rain began again, but they had another Idea, a rideout. We were going to head north to the EQUATOR. Sounded like an epic and i didnt want to get caught in the rain again, we were promised a rain free afternoon so off we went, the gang.. We cruised through the city heading north, Our 2 BM F650's, Christians  Africa Twin, Pablo's KTM 640 and Torah's(spelling guess) Harley. I was great craic and I thought how It must be great to be in a proper motorbike gang, I dont mean heading off for the weekend to smash up Brighton but just for cruising along. Although the thoughts of tying to get a large gang to agree on everything from the bottom of the world to Alaska would put me off permanently touring with a large scale crew. When we got to the Monument at the equator, which was actually only 30ks outside Quito we drove right onto the monument. After Christian had told the security it's OK we have done it before...  After a photo shoot we went for Ecuadorian pure fruit Ice cream..and back to Chris's to watch the Ecuadorian world cup qualifiers and then out for a meal and beers. The next day was spent on 3 planes and soon we were back 'home' in San Fran. The next day we went cruising round town in a convertable as Peadars sister Jen was over for a week. That night we went to see Kings of leon, a great gig and we managed to get downstairs into the standing area. No seating for us. The rest of the weekend I have been a feeling sick, was it the taco, was it the pizza..? and Peadar is off in L.A. in his rented Convertible Mustang. He went to LA to see Playboy of the Western World, No doubt he'll be testing Saul and Jen's ears while heading down highway1 with Aphex Twins Classics blaring... 
14h  October
Indeed Peadar, Indeed.
Couldnt have said it better myself.
So after my day and a half on the beach it was to be a day an a half on the bike in the rain.
After a mornin on the beach I headed on to the border, now behind Peadar. After the border into Equador the landscape changed and went all Bananaesque, this fruit  dominates. Then the rain started, a short while later I checked into my hotel a little wet. The next day was pretty much rain all day, with a good few minutes of "Oh I think Im finally past it" ....followed by rain. Tho somehow I think Im not gonna get any sympathy from the green Isle. There was a long slow section of road as bad as any I have seen, well as bad as tarmac road can be. I cant really call them potholes because they were crevasses in the road, sneaky ones as well. It feels horrible to hear and feel the rear shock and wheel smack hard under the weight of all the luggage as you unavoidably get caught out in one of the deep holes in the road. Puncture fear... but OK. It was raining as I went over this horrible mtn road, Peadar told me that as he was coming along this road a big oncoming truck slammed into a cold brown puddle and sent it directly into his face (he´s an open viser guy..all the time.) with cold brown force. We had a laugh at this once in the hotel room warm and dry and with blood back in my toes. That day I had many moments trying to wipe the condensation or rain off my visor with my freezing wet hand when I thought 
As Peadar simply put it - 
The good times far outweigh the bad
and on that note I will leave this REALLY really slow computer before it robs my soul.
and we will return to Equador after their rainy season to continue. 



A much needed day on the beach, check out the sunset last night.

Got a mail from peadar last night, He´s really made up some ground. Might see him here or he might have even gone on further. Im going on tomor midday into Equador. Country 7.


10th October

Me and Roderigo got a taxi to jump the bike this mornin, the battery didn't get a big enough charge..I said goodbye and headed out...


20 Min's getting lost on the spaghetti roads out of Lima.. then 35 miles later I'm finally out of the sprawling city, past the smoke belching bus´s and onto the open roads. The city fumes dissapear but all I see is grey Sky's and barren sandy deserts.

Life on the road, completely ideal all the time.

As I finish off the second album of the day I get to meet the first cop.

He waves me in. ID!

He tells me that that was a 40 zone. In Spanish I say that I was behind another car that he let go. I give him my own personal mix of I think your an idiot and I'm so bored with this, and pinch of let this wanted of time be over. His attempt was weak and off i go with a warning to be careful. Im back alright.

A while later and the sun is starting to come out and the pacific beaches on my right start to getting real appealable, I resist a detour and keep goin.

As the sun was going down one more badass looking cop in dark aviator glasses pulls me in. All he wanted was a handshake, to ask me how fast the bike went and to warn me to get goin, Trujillo was 2hrs away.

I arrived after dark, its late and I check in to a hotel I normally wouldnt , Shower, Beer, TV and Im off for food....


And Flood its.

... Massive Attack : Unfinished Symphony

tut tut...!








If you missed the San Fran house tour then click here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgI_Oio1wpI

(the blog was playing up and it was disappearing and reappearing) 

Anyway, we have landed, Peadar is in Cusco charging up his bike and struggling to finish off the last of his 12 premade bagels. It has been raining every day there... We are not meant to have rain were on HOLIDAY!

Im in Lima... I arrived last night & had the taxi man rip me off, minor tho it was. It was annoying.
I was told 30 to 40 soles was a good price. So OK bargained down from 45 to 40,a while later agreed.... OK lets go!!!
Pull out the soles, "NO signor 40 Dollars".
HAAAAA- FUP OFF BUDDY!!, I laughed them out of it. and suddenly their curency ruse fell flat on its face and t´was like it never happened ...But no change for my 50 soles. They tried to get the lot. Not having any of that. Then when I arrive at roderigo´s house I got change and gave the taximan the 40, turn to get my bags and in an instant he shows me 30, anyway after him looking on the ground in vain for many minutes Roderigo finally gave in and gave him an extra 10. I hate when they win.

Today I had to charge the battery (but only gave it an hour cos I wanted to leave today), Oil change and oil filter change, then we drained the old fuel and cards, still not starting, try jump starting, clean sparkplugs, and then clean fuse´s with sandpaper & a file... Whacked in some Some Carb cleaner.... A few hours later once we had new fuel in and got a jump off a car, away she goes and I was tearing round the block giving Wit-Woo´s to beat the band.
So another night in Lima and this time a few beers for me and Roderigo. Due to our 2hr delay in Miami last night I was too late for the pub, and way too tired.

Tomor Im off, north again.   : )



From Linden on Oct 11th, 2008

Good to see you back on the road again - bike looks better than ever and I am glad to see the Teng tools are giving good service. Keep the photos coming. Ride safe.

From Ste (me) on Oct 11th, 2008

After 1300ks in 2days Im In Mancora, very very very north west of Peru. I was gonna head to Equador tomor but after the absolutely stellar Lava lamp style sunset & hearing about the overcast weather on the Equador Im gonna chill here tomor.

From flood on Oct 13th, 2008

i knew that, was just testing ya man , and ya passed. Great picture of the sunset!! Get listening to the elbow album the seldom seen kid ( brilliant) Also the fight like apes album is great and the chemical brothers have a new album with greatest hits but second cd is remixes of their previous stuff and its good. ( just realised you probably cant download stuff that easy now that your back on the road but the what the hell if ya get a chance get downloading)

From Peadar on Oct 14th, 2008

So, rainy season in Ecuador eh!! Who knew?? Not I said the Baker, not I said the Candlestick Maker, not I said the Tumbleweed Dragon. And they all got soaked. The End.

From Aine on Oct 23rd, 2008

Ur goin all American on us-under Japan guys picture-"Its like a College Yearbook"!!Real American thing.Love the northern/southern hemisphere picture of u n Peadar-its cool