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Written on: Saturday October 4th, 2008


If you missed the San Fran house tour then click here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgI_Oio1wpI

(the blog was playing up and it was disappearing and reappearing) 

Anyway, we have landed, Peadar is in Cusco charging up his bike and struggling to finish off the last of his 12 premade bagels. It has been raining every day there... We are not meant to have rain were on HOLIDAY!

Im in Lima... I arrived last night & had the taxi man rip me off, minor tho it was. It was annoying.
I was told 30 to 40 soles was a good price. So OK bargained down from 45 to 40,a while later agreed.... OK lets go!!!
Pull out the soles, "NO signor 40 Dollars".
HAAAAA- FUP OFF BUDDY!!, I laughed them out of it. and suddenly their curency ruse fell flat on its face and t´was like it never happened ...But no change for my 50 soles. They tried to get the lot. Not having any of that. Then when I arrive at roderigo´s house I got change and gave the taximan the 40, turn to get my bags and in an instant he shows me 30, anyway after him looking on the ground in vain for many minutes Roderigo finally gave in and gave him an extra 10. I hate when they win.

Today I had to charge the battery (but only gave it an hour cos I wanted to leave today), Oil change and oil filter change, then we drained the old fuel and cards, still not starting, try jump starting, clean sparkplugs, and then clean fuse´s with sandpaper & a file... Whacked in some Some Carb cleaner.... A few hours later once we had new fuel in and got a jump off a car, away she goes and I was tearing round the block giving Wit-Woo´s to beat the band.
So another night in Lima and this time a few beers for me and Roderigo. Due to our 2hr delay in Miami last night I was too late for the pub, and way too tired.

Tomor Im off, north again.   : )


From flood on Oct 10th, 2008

email me the name of that tune playing over your video. I know i know it but just cant remember the fupping name!!