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San Fran 5:Video House tour &Treasure Island Music Festival &PhotoShow

Written on: Thursday September 25th, 2008

Only 4days to go now...

WED we fly back to PERU.. And HIT THE ROAD AGAIN...

Cant wait, a good mix of excitement and nerves.. time is tight to get to Quito.

Then after a trip to the beach, its back to san Fran for KINGS OF LEON gig on the 17th.




From Aine on Oct 4th, 2008

Lovin the stand Ste-looks really well-n great mix of buyers there.I'm really cold n its lashing rain:( Hopefully talk over week-end-Im in Wexford til Sunday x

From flood on Oct 5th, 2008

cool photos. Glad thte pics were selling. that video you made with the background music made me laugh you absolute poindexter. Have been giving ratatat a serious listening to the ast week or so. excellent stuff. stay safe