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SAN FRAN4: From.... Not goin out weekend ...to No drink week and still fun had

Written on: Sunday September 7th, 2008

Last weekend as electric picnic was on to save some cash and chill out I stayed in three nights in a row. My company: A tasty six pack and downloaded movies.

1 Office Space : Good

2 Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay : Top class stuff in the dumb comedy genre, the head government official chasing them is hilarious.

3 Street Kings : Good, gangland toughguy action cop movie. Keanu plays Denzel washington in Training day

4 War Inc. : This is actually "Grosse Point Blank" set in a postwar country based on Iraq. It has the exact same actors and almost the exact same characters but with different names. basically a war version of G.P.B. but unfunnier. A most lazy and poor effort...

but forget all those. We had a chance to watch Dave Gormans Googlewhack Adventure during the week and it was as nose snorting and side splittingly funny as the first time I saw it.

Watch it (if you havent already) !
He is a Legend. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googlewhack -
You really have to see the show from start to finish but ..

{ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTxB2SVH-7s } Like this clip. Want to know how or where to download it just email me. Also, I hear they still have shops where you can actually buy DVD's but I dont know anything about them.

Saturday night Saul and Peadar went to see Roller Derby in San Jose, a good night out that I missed.

Last Sunday the sun was out again so off we went to ocean beach, but after 30 minutes of the wind sanding us out of it we left to walk through Golden gate park. We past a cafe with a live band and big crowd ouside but we walked on through the park. Then boom boom boom boom b.. We went toward the beat. Decks, speakers and a generator. Real class electro beats and funky kids and after a while there we went on towards a slice of Escape from New York pizza but before we got there in another part of the park we heard more bass sounds. A second outdoor decks affair, it was all psychedelic hard fast trance dayglo stuff which isnt the best really... It was going on in the exact same space and at the same time as Bicycle Polo. A very strange combo... only in San Fran. I was told the sport was actually started in Dublin and is played in the polo grounds in Phoenix park, the guys playing knew this cos they played there.

It was Labour day long weekend so Monday we went for a walk up into the hills of Berkley across the bay from San Fran.

Our four day week passed very quickly and I found myself achieving everything on my long longfinger. The toDo list got annihilated and then Friday was here! "Home for a beer or out to the pub, Which one Ste?" No can do, Im off Ddrink for a week... A hushed silence comes over the crowd. I know what a chalenge. Day 5: The weekend begins, can you hold out - weekdays, anyone can do that but the Mighty weekend, How...How could you? Only one way. To the park to read a book. Doesn't sound exciting? Well in the grips of BANCO the follow on book to the great "Papillon" it was. On the way home I had an unplanned stop at a gallery opening. Really good modern art, nice cheese and free wine, none for me. Earlier on friday afternooon as I cycled home from work I passed Martin Mac's pub where we planned to watch the qualifier match at 12pm Saturday. It was closed, the fireman outside told me it would be closed for the foreseeable future, so that night we tried to call our plan B ..answering machine. At 920 on Saturday morning Peadar called them, the match was 20 mins in. TAXI! We only got the second half and had to pay 20bucks each to see it. Later that day after a quick bout of shopping I went to the (Free, Oh yeah!) 10th annual Power to the Peaceful People concert. I was too late for Ziggy Marley and only saw Micheal Franti. On this hot afternoon the cool smell of hops and barley wafted through the air. An outdoor concert, the ultimate test. This concert was full of characters, Im sure alot of people carrying on from the BURNING MAN FESTIVAL (http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/gallery/2008/aug/20/usa.burningman.festivals?picture=336755635) which was on one week ago. There were smiles everywhere from the old bongsmoking hippie to the children on their parents shoulders. There were dancing-girls on top of the portiloo's, Hula dancing, good vibes and everytype of nut, wierdo and fruitcake with me there in the middle. I thought to myself how people usually get together to visit the circus, not be in it. After the concert some bongo drumming turned into a bongo circle that mutated into a healing hold hands circle of love. That chanted.

I was safe just outside the holdy hands bit but I did join in on a bit of the humming.. Amongst the hippie drummers and dancers there was one guy with a bright baseball cap turned backwards and wraparound shades beating his drum saying things like "Love is a verb". he seemed to me to be too straight cut to be preaching love in a bongo circle and I imagined him to be a reformed banker. When I had my fill of bongo's I headed home and did nothing for the second Saturday in a row. but there is light at the end of the tunnel people.

Tomorrow. Monday. Not normally a call for excitement, but this Monday Ratatat play the Fillmore and we intend to go. We have no tickets and an online search was just lines and lines of WANTED: RATATAT TICKETS. Saul knows someone working there but days of unanswered calls bode poorly for us.

Fear not, we will get in somehow and I will have a beer.


Also, My cousin Orla told me about a site I might like http://lyingdown.net/ so I sent them in a shot (The first of many no doubt)

Other links that Peadar sent on to me during the week

GOOD: Man speaks passionately about Sara Palin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXkt7fDX9k8
FUNNY : Barack on Mccains Big Screen: http://gawker.com/5046412/barack-roll-becomes-mccains-worst-nightmare

RATATAT: For a sample ...go to http://www.ratatatmusic.com/ and click play
(WARNING: Electronic music. Do not click if you are old)