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SAN FRAN3: Another weekend of music!

Written on: Tuesday August 26th, 2008

Last Friday we got off early and we headed home, showered and got a taxi to the press meeting at 4...
We went in and no one knew where it was so we just went to the bar. After getting Alison our flatmate and her boyfriend in. We went on to see Beck.... First disappointment, the sound was WAY to low.. I could actually hear Peadar talking to me, a bad sign ; ) On the plus side i did see a spitting image of Laurence Fishburne, a Korean version of him. $7 for 2/3rd's of a pint, lots of money was going to be spent over the course of this weekend. Then when it was time to go to the main stage for RADIOHEAD... and they had a tiny walkway to get there, stuck in a human traffic jam I got more and more annoyed, i took me anger out on the fencing and with everybody pushing and shoving soon there was no fence, Anarchy wins. The ''first" annual Outside lands...obviously. Amateurs. Radiohead were amazing, but the sound went on them twice.
Saturday was mostly spent in the park as there was not any really good bands on, we went in later that day with two friends, we were all well steamed up and the day is a blur, wow that really saves on the typing. I got up late on sunday and made it in for 3pm to catch Andrew Bird from Chicago. Great voice, lots of string instruments and just great tunes. I saw a rap group called the cool kids...hmmm pretty cool, but they couldn't live up to the quality of last weeks hiphop BONANZA., BrokenSocialScene, RoderigoYgabriela and a few other and it was home to chill and early to bed.
Work on Monday morning was as depressing as they come, and tough, there was no energy in my arms or my mind for that matter. It must have been all that exercises I got at the bar reaching into my wallet. The week has flown by and now Im digging and shoring my own pits. Seven foot down, One foot at a time, dig, dig, dig..shovel sand out and over the top and then put up four boards, level them off, nail them together and then down one more. Sand collapsing from behind the boards is really annoying .. dear God, has this what the Blog has come to...How long has it been since I was adventuring down unknown roads, idle and free... Well I guess I cant pay for that petrol with magicbeans.
As the Electric Picnic prepares to kick off I realise that I have to take it easy this labour day weekend and despite the amazing parties, events or pubs Saul tempts me with I shall remain steadfast in my determination to do nothing.
In other news..
The news in the states is just one thing, the election, 24/7. Its like the worlds has been put on hold while they pick a champ.
Obama what a guy, hope he doesn't get shot by some lunatic, plenty of them over here : ) 
& can the republicans steal the presidency once again or will they sway enough stupid citizens opinions to vote for McBain?
I have seen a great deal of amazing vehicles and motorikes here and am building up a photo collection of them. See it here first, (and last) cos it aint gonna be anywhere else. I am doing the same for a collection of photos of Graffiti...


From Orla on Aug 29th, 2008

Great Radiohead shots. But I don't see any lying down photos as yet for lyingdown.net ???

From Aine on Sep 1st, 2008

Never see ya wi sunglasses,may be handy-cover up those drunken eyes!Nice wrk wi the V.I.P's 4 that festival ya'z went 2. Mail now n fill ya in wi week-end news.Again-great batch of photos ya have x

From stephen...ME on Sep 3rd, 2008

Hi... America - 415 - 756 758 0 I got a mobile (we are 8hrs behind Ireland!)