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A month in SanFran... so far..

Written on: Wednesday August 20th, 2008

Nearly 4 0f 10 weeks work over and done with..
Tomor were off on a half day to go to http://www.sfoutsidelands.com/artists/.
Press meeting at 4. Gig at 5. We picked up our press passes today and they come off the wrist real easy,
So its not to late to join us. Fair play to Peadar the Blagger and his convincing email with eco-awareness as his clincher theme.

Two weekends ago we went to Stern Grove for a free concert, stunning weather(apologies for mentioning that) and great atmosphere but the Hawaiian music was good at the start and poor towards the end, and by poor, I mean preachy andterrible tripe, nice day tho

Last weekend we went to the greatest HIPHOP lineup I have ever heard of:
The Pharcyde...De La Soul... A Tribe called Quest... Nas... Mos Def... Redman& Method Man, Raekon & Ghostface, Rakim
... Dead Prez and Imortal Technique(never heard of, but great)


The sun was out in full effect, check check one two,oneTwo.
Lots of socially aware hiphop stars preaching and rapping about everything from their tough lives to world politics.
Sunday we went in for a movies Marathon: Step brothers(letdown),Pinapple Express(very good), Tropic Thunder(Great)

We have been doing lots of varied things in work.. Sledge destruction to Sand relocation engineering and everything in between.... Really got into the monday2friday routine and the weeks fly by when you keep yourself busy.

I have been downloading like a mad thing, ..twill be difficult to fill the brand new 160GIG ipod. Well impossible..

Anyway Im off "Boy eats girl"' is on TV and Im watching it for the Irish Nostalgia feel.. looks like a load of shite tho, That reminds me, Saw "In Bruges" recently, Absolutely great movie.