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Back in S A N - F R A N after 8yrs....and back to work...

Written on: Sunday August 3rd, 2008

Well, back to the old 9to5....
or 730am to 430, as it is...
Shovel and sand. Sounds like a day at the beach.
Its not ... Its hard work. We are currently working 6 days a week which is great, more work the better.
We get to play... wait a second, what I mean is work with...Jackhammers, skillsaws, drills, 'rebar' benders and cutters, sledge hammers, crowbars and other tools for destruction, but mostly we do one thing. Shovel sand. All day we shovel sand from a pile to a wheelbarrow and then to be dumped elsewhere.. It's ok, not that bad. Unless u have to carry the sand in buckets which i have a deep down hatred for, bloody buckets. I like to think of the whole thing as 'The Ol' Popeye-arm training gym'. We are working on a huge gaf in the seacliff area of Richmond. Its a rich rich area, Robin williams gaf is 3 door down. The view from the place we work at is unbelievable, when the fog isnt in. Like a postcard.
Where we live:
The map spot is *COMPLETELY* accurate to the house, room etc where we live!
We live in "The mission", the Mexican area, we can continue our Spanish speaking here at the shops, and of course at work. We're staying at Saul's, a friend we first met in sanFran when we were here in 2000.
San Fran:
Its such a great spot, I love it. Full to the brim with Crazys! On every street corner, most seem happy. The people begging on the street have a buzz constantly, they live the life, OK they probably don't but they seem to be upbeat and cheerful. The streets are covered with murals and spraypaint and the cars and bikes here are amazing..... Mustangs, Dodge Chargers, modern verions of General lee, old BMW bikes to new Ducati's and a load of Harley's. Its such a god dam stylish city. .Funk 2 the unky. .People are big into cycling and recycling. If you dont want something in ur gaf you just put it outside and a few hours later its gone.
I probably took it ; )
Last friday night I went to see Juan Atkins, one of the founders of Techno from Detroit. Great night.
I was up the front and he played such classics as Strings of life and Dave Clarke's Red3 ... I got the clapping going : ) Cheesy Bast**d.. Great fun. Work the next day was HORRIBLE. It hard not to go out in such a great city and save money but I shall try,
and by try I mean buy my ticket to see radiohead in two week... Come on its only 80 dollars and its actually a festival. id be mad not to.
Apologies for the lack of motorbike stories of being stranded in the middle of nowhere, but for now I have only got the bikeCycle..


From ste on Aug 8th, 2008

OH YEAH!!! no paying for Radiohead,or the other 2 days of music. Peadar just blagged 2 media passes to http://sfoutsidelands.com/ We're media dont you know....NICE!

From fatman on Aug 8th, 2008

gday juan atkins legend

From Des on Aug 11th, 2008

Peader you look like the shoe bomber

From Peadar on Aug 12th, 2008

Des you smell like an eskimo.

From Mark P on Aug 13th, 2008

Did you find my jacket??????

From Mark P on Aug 14th, 2008

Lads all that matters over there is my jacket. Find it. Get it. Hang onto it. On a different note. You and Peadar should rent bikes (the none petrol consuming types) cycle across the GG Bridge and visit Salsalito and Marin Country, where incidentally Clint Eastwood is Mayor. They are both beautiful spots and well worth a visit. Also the Castro area as you both know is where its at for all your manly needs...