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From La Paz into PERU to Stunning Cusco

Written on: Thursday July 17th, 2008

A few new Words and Photos on the page before
This has got to be quick, less than a week to go before its back to work and I want to savour every minute.... Would love to just keep on going but gotta cash up the ATM card, excited about San Fran tho and work ..9 months off, dont mind doing a bit you know 10 weeks then back to the life of the explorer, ok ...Bum
We left la Paz and went to Copacabana and Myself and Lily walked along the side of the lake (highest in the world! Bleeding show off !) to a small local village and then the next day to the Isla del Sol... The next day we headed off.. there was adventure, insurance bother at border, electrical problems for Enbarr and we helped out a biker on a 1200gs after he crashed into a cow in the middle of the road. ( wrecking his front end, cow OK ) weŽd only met him 10 miles before in a petrol station. Now we are in Cusco... It is so beautiful, really stunning. Tomor off to Machu Picchu.
... Adios for now


From Mam and Dad on Jul 18th, 2008

Great to see more brilliant photos. Ste I need at least one of those hats from Bolivia with a chin strap for fishing so its not blown away Stay Safe

From Lyniker on Nov 27th, 2012

I dropped Sparky off at anetohr boarding facility. When I picked him up they had him in a kennel outside with no air conditioning. He's an indoor dog and not use to the heat. It was august and 90 degrees outside! Never again.I've taken Sparky to the farm three times now and each time he jumps up and down as soon as we turn down the drive. He loves it there and it's such a wonderful place. It's has air conditioning, hammocks for the dogs and there were even little swimming pools. You can tell Tamara really loves animals and they love her too. Sparky runs right up to her which is something he rarely does. I'm happy I found this place and thrilled to leave a comment.