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Windy backroads from Sucre to Samaipata &on to Santa Cruz

Written on: Saturday June 28th, 2008

Firstly, forgot to say previously that I hit my first dog, he got quite a knock from the front wheel but he was OK,
I nearly lost control of the bike but managed to hold on, Stupid asshole was running right at me barking like mad.
So the kill-count is still at "0", Thank God, I wish I could say the same for Peadar Kelleher, The rabbit murderer.
Now if he decides to put up a comment saying I hit a kid, its UNTRUE, it was close tho..., stupid kid ran straight out on the road
I swerved to avoid but it gave me one hell of a fright... anyway on to the DYNAMITE....


Full screen : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B38eGfgbxO0

When we left Sucre I got 5 punctures, 4 the first day: 1 Looked like a bumPatch, 2 The puncture looked like one Id seen last week, long cut with hole in middle, though it was the metal filing coming off the rim while putting the tube on. 3 was very careful with rim double double double checking for metal filings...4th puncture I taped the rims with duct tape. We had both agreed the tyre was too good thread-wise to be the cause, but the next day when I got number 5, I changed the tyre. No more punctures. The windy windy road to La Higura, death place of CHE GUEVARA. Then on to Samaipata, en route Peadar decided to pick up a hitchhiker, I couldnt believe it. He was running tests he said, doing a good deed seen as many people had just passed him when he was stuck by the side to the road when his chain snapped, he managed to put it back together without any circlip and get a little closer to town, but then it went, but thats old news back a week ago when he went to the Salar.
When we got to Samaipata 3 days after leaving we met up with Lily, I had imagined it was gonna take 1 day and a bit, but that is motorbike travel, Unpredictable.
We visited some Pre Inca ruins, nice but the scenery was what really made it. Then we met a danish guy who was showing his videos in a pub in town. Mark Cantwell style. And mark, they were pretty poor.. So u could try hitting the road with a MAC a Projector and Wow the locals!!
We moved onto Santa Cruz, Bolivia's biggest and richest city to watch the match, Fair play Spain... Then here it has been about balancing sorting my bike out and relaxing...
In Sucre, With the help of an Aussie guy Simon I changed the rear bearings... they were shot to bits.
Simon was one of those people who knows almost everything about bikes, he sold them raced them etc.. good guy to meet.
I also changed the brakes, they were quiet worn , most likely to do with my rickety rear bearings or lack thereof... 
I changed the oil / water, water pump and a few seals.
In Santa Cruz I had a Pannier repaired.. I had a small-ish spill on one of the mountain roads.
I was driving along slowly looking for a metalworkers shop and a guy who turned out to be the really helpful and friendly President of the Santa Cruz Moto Club stopped me and asked what I was looking for ... soon he was getting his mechanic to clean my starter motor and replace worn brushes, all for free, and he gave a a half worn tyre, so i could throw out the other one that caused all the punctures. And he pointed out a metalworkers who ...welded my side stand and a few other bits. The next day I had my head bearings replaced and
when I got the bike back it was gleaming. They also put in a new roller for the chain for when the swingarm is fully compressed. And today i got a new chain, an Oring chain, the one I bought before didnt have any... so now its just an emergency spare. Anyway i must be off.. I need to relax, and Im gonna, 45 min massage for a tenner, then Im off west toward La Paz with Lily and Peadar is heading east to see some stuff that Im not gonna bother with. We shall meet again soon in the west..
We will meet again for sure before the 23rd of July.. for that is D-day. The day we take a break from this trip for 3 months. We fly LIMA to SAN FRAN for 3 months work in Construction.. before returning to continue north for ALASKA



From Aine on Jul 4th, 2008

Great pic of little boy runnin after Peadar but 3 pics, thats all we get-u feelin ok :)

From Me on Jul 6th, 2008

Believe me Aine I tried, I had lots more,the internet here has been POOR at times.. will try again in La Paz, should be there tomor!

From joe the celt on Jul 7th, 2008

Weldone lads, so off to San Fran then... here i wonder could you do me a favour when there??? will email u both with details

From Aine on Jul 8th, 2008

That's more like it with the pics-some great ones, size of that pizza-I'm sure you did it justice,talk over the week-end