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Written on: Thursday June 19th, 2008

Go back one page if you haven´t read or seen the photos from my day on the Salar

So 3rd time lucky, I got into Bolivia without a bother, but then Bolivia threw everything at me... 

Id like to quote Dr Emmet Brown.. He said: "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

That was at the end of Back to the future 1..

You might think he was talking about the future, he wasnt. He was talking about Bolivia. 

I have driven on almost every type of surface here and very few Id actually call roads...

I have been in Sucre for almost a week, and me and Peadar intend to leave on Monday next. There was a car rally last weekend, and random marching bands around town on the weeknights. And last night a parade of sorts I think about La Paz trying to completely take the capital status from Sucre, which shares the capital with La Paz... (different departments of government or something, not 100% sure yet). I moved into my own room in an apartment complex for 30euro for the week, real nice place, great bed, powerful shower and parking inside. Everything is real cheap here. I have been mostly eating out, great food, hanging round with Lily whom I met in Salta a few weeks ago and watching the European Cup starts at 2.45 here, great excuse for early boozing. During the week with the help of an Auzzie guy Simon we changed the rear wheel bearing, they were completely shot to pieces, BAD... anyway all good now and new brake pads now, so bike is all good. On Saturday I go back to meet Peadar in Potosi for a mine tour. He is heading to the Salar tomor with lots of advice from me, So fingers crossed he keeps it simple.

Adios Amigos



From Orla McNevin on Jun 16th, 2008

Hi Ste, a blast from the past here I know! For the last few days have spent every spare minute in work "working" my way through your journals..."working" isn't really an apt verb though! Some really impressive photo's in there, you've got some knack for it! National Geographic would pay good money for them I'd bet. Anyway, am heading to South America myself in September..only have two months so it'll be a quick whistle stop tour from Rio down towards Buenos Aires a flight up to Boliva then across to Cusco for the obligitory Inca Trail then making our way down to Santiago to catch a flight to New Zealand. Reading your journals I'm sorry I don't have more time to explore! I was hoping you could send me on any info you might think might be worth knowing for the any of the places (or along the route) I've mentioned that you've been (I know you haven't gotten to all of them yet...yes I have read every blog :)Sorry for leaving the longest comment in history but I don't have your email address. Anyway, mine is orlamcnevin@gmail.com...would love to hear from ya! Keep fightin the good fight!!

From Jane-Ann on Jun 17th, 2008

glad all worked out ste. felt for you when you ran out of petrol, but must say you remained as cool as a cucumber, so fair play. promise a dceent sized email will be sent to you soon. keep having fun and staying safe, Xx

From Egid on Jun 17th, 2008

Hi Steven, glad to hear you and your made are safe and sound. Was pretty busy last weeks but will drop you a proper email soon. Over here, no change, sunny and a few patches of rain..... right. Drive safely and keep us updated. Enjoy!!!!! Egid

From Vanessa on Jun 19th, 2008

Hiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful guys well done!!! Photos are an inspiration -- miss you both but Incredible journey. Better get my ass in gear

From flood on Jun 20th, 2008

giggidy giggidy mr bray. Kudos. Id say you dont know yourself with all the luxuries you have in sucra!!Glad to hear things are good with ya. Cant text that mobile number you gave us. Get onto the latin american equivalent to vodafone and give them sh*t. Stay safe. !!

From flood again on Jun 20th, 2008

just looed that the photos man. What the hell is that growing out of the bottom of your chin ;o)

From flood (3rd time lucky) on Jun 20th, 2008

just looked at the photos man. What the hell is that growing out of the bottom of your chin ;o)

From Butler on Jun 21st, 2008

Thats some serious live and let die looking action going on in the parade photo.

From Peadar on Jun 23rd, 2008

Advice!! What advice? You never gave me any advice, it would have been handy though. Potholes the size of houses!!

From ME on Jun 24th, 2008

Im reluctantly but inevitably leaving Sucre tomor.. Heading north east.. This town has been all about great resturants and bars and the life of a delinquent.. but I managed to squeeze in a trip to mines in Potosi, blow up dynamite and change oil / water - water pump and rear bearings, got two punctures(fixed them) but i still have a possible brushes problem in the starter, but Ill fix that in Santa Cruz (a good few jump starts away). Flood I got a razor to the "thing" on my chin, he was too strong tho and I could only be tamed. my number 0591 77119265 LIVE

From ME on Jun 24th, 2008