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Salta to San Pedro over the Andes + Excitment for the days to come.

Written on: Thursday June 5th, 2008


Watch the vid, not much time to type...  : )

Prepare for a little rambling

..but of course if you know me youll know this isnt that strange

Full screen, right this way folks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeDRx2lC6aI


p.s. I guess,

All is good but I forgot to mention that my sprag clutch is probably on the way out again, I replaced it last july when it broke, Peadar had to change his in Uruguay and he has also mentioned that his is most likely broken aswell, he is awaiting word back from the mechanic..

What is it with these bloody things!


Gotta read above the line, before u read this part ..

OK OK... next day and things have changed, back in town..

Fullscreen > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v1QdBn4zBs


and then the final vid... of the long long long freewheel ....




2nd attempt to leave...

Yesterday I tried again, check out what happened this time.


Tomor I attempt to leave again but this time I will go north 300ks and cross there.

Im not trying that terrible road again.. I wouldnt have had this trouble if I wasnt trying to drive as fast to keep up with the land cruiser, anyway, I wont try that again. I have now put on new sprockets as well, so Im even more prepared for the road ahead.


Ill go my own way, "Solo y loco", as I always like to say. Actually come to think of it, that phrase might be copyrighted?, but you know how copyright laws are down here ; )

...I added some more photos,

wish me luck, Third times a charm!


From Dad on Jun 7th, 2008

I know i'm biased but you have some fantastic pics. Petrol over here still keeps going up, its about €1.35 a litre in Gorey now up to over €1.40 if you don't look around. Ride safe?

From joe the celt on Jun 9th, 2008

"Solo y loco" :-) Nice one again Steve great wee insite in to ur adventure, love the fotos, ride safe, joe

From Des on Jun 12th, 2008

Now that is some drama I almost feel stressed for you actually to help me get over it im going to go to the petrol station and fill up my car with my free petrol card so I can drive the 3km home. :) super photos man you could print them and sell them when you get back or wait have you copyrighted them "no" right so ill give you 5% of my profit ;)

From Mark C on Jun 15th, 2008

wow man.. lovin the photos.. had to get a few updates in one there. haven't been checkin in for a while.. sorry bout that. good old google reader reminded me! videos are well cool too. keep on keepin on.