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Where were you on wednesday morning?

Written on: Wednesday May 28th, 2008

OK so think back to being in your bed on Wednesday morning.
Warm was it? 
Didnt wanna get out did you, work to go to ..etc ..etc
If only I could be off Motorbiking the Americas or anything else instead.
If only...
Think the grass is always greener on the other side ...ehhh!
(Well most of the time it actually is, but not on Wednesday 28th)
I woke early, it was dark and cold, I needed to go to the toilet!
Ignore it!, go back to sleep, go when you get up ...I thought.
But I couldnt go back to sleep, I was just too dang cold.
I was wrapped up well..
Thermal socks, Me-LongJohns, long sleeved Tshirt AND fleece
... all inside my sleeping bag, on my blanket, on my air mattress, inside my tent.
So I decided that I couldnt lay there no more, up and out of my tent in the twilight of early morning to the Baños(toilets)... SNOW on my tent, Ahhhhh of course, business taken care of I put on an a second pair of socks and got wrapped up again. Still to cold to sleep, OK, Jacket on as well, still to cold, Sleeping bag around head, pullcord pulled tight. NADA... nothing, still cold. So then begins the curling up in a ball routine which leads to dead arms, then more turning.
Morning sun where art thou? Help me!... As time passed slowly I waited for the heat of the sun to come, nothing.
So after a few hours of twisting and turning, I got dressed and got a coffee at the Cafe, Big log fire inside, they mocked me. relief... for now at least. 
Just as I didnt want to start out of bed that morning neither did the 650..
I tried to Push-bump start it myself, no joy, Then I tried to jump it off a jeep, no joy. The guys of the national park administration volunteered to push it for me and after a few different attempts we got it going, you always see the "Dont think its gonna start mate, we should give it a rest now" look on their faces.. It usually only takes one or two more pushes by this stage. So I finish packing, another coffee and sambo. Then it was on to brave the cold at 100kmph...
On top of what I was wearing in bed by the time I got up, add ...biker jacket with winter lining, gloves, scarf, biker trousers and rainproof trousers. Off I went, It didnt take long for the cold to get through the gloves. 20kms, then on with the second set of gloves inside, soon too these were penetrated. Oh yeah the scenery was amazing but I didnt really care. So a short while later I stopped to heat my hands on the exhaust fumes, a great idea I thought.. Anyway I went on and on, and eventually I was cruising along the straights and I had my throttle hand inside my fleece hat..Genius move, much warmer! (and already two pairs of gloves) and my other hand shoved under my leg. I went on and on. and on. The scenery got really stunning, as Peadar advised me it would, this was of course as I was climbing over higher mountains, which of course brought snow. Soon I had to ride along with my visor up cos it was covered in frost. COLD. I decided to take a break and defrosted my visor and gloves on the exhaust fumes again, God bless the exhaust.
I was thinking about writing this blog while I went along and I actually imagined typing .."well it really was bad but at least I didnt fall on any of the wet red mud, cos I am far far too cold to deal with that shit now". I chastised myself inside the helmet, You FOOL!, your begging for a fall with that kind of thinking. Anyway as it happened I didnt fall so that was something, but the cold had gotten through my Boots & 2 socks combination. I went on and over the hills and it continued until I got to the other side and I began the decent to Chilecito. That wasnt even crossing the actual Andes it was just some other "foothills". In a few more days I have to cross the Andes back into Chile, wonder how cold that will be.
So now Im in a house with "Dady"s(thats her name) house in Chilecito, with her two kids. I sent her a message on couchsurfing as she is a member, as am I.
(Are you?, if you are please recommend me : ID : STEIRLMOTOTRAVELLER )
Dont know what I'm talking about? www.couchsurfing.com
Anyway I better go Im being a rude guest just being online updating the blog,
better go play that "dance on an electronic mat" in front of the TV game with the kid again. I think the weather is the same till sunday, so mo more tent for a while but I still gotta ride the bike.
*Also* Within 60 seconds of saying IM OFF on the previous blog comments section when I was in Mendoza, the circlip came off my front sprocket in the middle of the main street and the back wheel locked, two cops had to help me remove all the luggage off my bike and lift it to the side of the road so I could put on a new one.
Never a dull moment, but I wouldnt mind one.


From Dad on May 29th, 2008

Could do with a bus like that to replace my Bus Eireann School Bus which has the same heating system as your tent in the snow. Keep it up the blog is great again now that your back on the road. Ride safe

From flood on May 30th, 2008

Unreal pics man. The snow and bike one could easily be a postcard. Why the hell are those rocks so round? i really wish i had listened more in Geology class! man you look cold in that other one near your tent. Haven't actually read the blog, starting to print them off and use them as reading materials on my bus journeys to Dublin. Anyway man keep safe and keep up the good work. More music to look out for " bat for lashes" . A bit like pj Harvey only less wierd. Good stuff!! Glad you like the Portishead album. how good is that "we carry on " track. kickin!!