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Back in MENDOZA ..Waiting on Post, Waiting to hit the road NORTH

Written on: Thursday May 15th, 2008

So first the movie reviews. I saw this in Malargue before I left.
Im diversifying the blog you know.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286244/
This movie came out in Ireland as Belleville Rendez-vous... It is brilliant, the dog is a classic character and the whole thing is done so so well, but if ur solely a fan of explosions and people getting hit in the balls(which of course is very entertaining stuff) its not for you, if on the other hand you like your movies with a bit of Quirk in them, then its all good.
Apart from those of us that worked on the farm there were backpackers coming through, met some nice folks there. Americans, Aussies, Irish and others..
On my last day at work we got the speakers out and I threw on The Kings of Leon (of course), twas like a real Friday, finishing work for the weekend (though it was actually Thursday) After work I went over to Oswaldo and Pollos house. Pollo is Spanish for chicken, a nickname he got when he was young because of his red(ISH) hair and his beak, or nose as many people call them. They cooked pizza on the open fire and played some music. Class musicians, check out the YOUTUBE VID
Then after that back to the hostel for a rake of beers and a game of risk. I really hated risk the first time I played it, BORING!.. but I felt the overwhelming compulsion to play again and win, and I very nearly almost did until. I said.. "Lads once you have achieved your objective you've won right! They replied that I was meant to announce it at the end of the go, they then joined forces and destroyed me.
After that was a game of "10,000". Now this game looks really boring but its deadly
Ill try to summarise:
5 dice, 1 cup, shake and roll...
a "1" is worth 100
a "5" is worth 50
Three of a kind is 100 times that number, although three 1s is 1000,
5 of a kind is 1000 times that number.
OK so, When you roll you keep the good dice aside (1s and 5s or triples, etc)
and re-throw the rest until you are happy with your score.
If you get nothing on a secondary roll you loose everything from that roll!
And you have to roll a 750 to even begin! + have to finish on 10,000 exactly
Sound good... well its great, ..Peadar get ready for it!
The next day I left and headed back to Mendoza. I unpacked at Camping Suizo where I was to be their only resident for the next week or so, and later that night I sat down in front of the Boss´s Widescreen Computer and watched a few episodes of LOST which had arrived in a parts package, Fair play Pete! The next night I met with two of the lads from the farm, who were up to Mendoza for the weekend. We went to see Ironman and then back to ANTARES for Cream stouts all round. The following night we started in Antares again, later we met up with Flaco, Luca and a few of the other Mendocino's. A good night out and the next day lunch at a nice restaurant followed by a day sitting in the park playing guitar and singing, of which I did neither, I listen too well to ruin the mood with my unique singing voice..
Monday Van and Jack wanted to got to the Bodegas and taste wine.. I´d been twice before but sure why not. We went to a vineyard and then a chocolate factory, well they had a shop and tasting of chocolate and Liquors. Van told me that I should come along the next day as he had bought Paragliding for himself, his mother and girlfriend who were over visiting him. His mother would probably not go. So I turned up, but one Valium gave her the edge to do it, or did it take the edge off.. anyway it looked like fun. I was going to wait till Bolivia or somewhere where it would be cheaper and plus when you've jumped out of a plane a mountain just seems a like a huge step down. I had to a great time heading up the really steep road to the Jump spot and on the way down my back breaks seized up a little, the breaking power drained away. I still had the front ones but the constant pressure had stopped the rear ones working,  When I got back to camp I noticed the rear breaks had worn down considerably so I changed them. I visited a mechanic as the bike had been slow to start in the mornings but he was busy till next Monday, over the next day or two I learned that it just needed a little throttle, not just choke, which it had never needed before. It starts grand now every time. I also bought 2 new tyres as it is tough to get good ones in Bolivia. The bike will look even more ridiculously over packed now. And then nothing happened all week, the end.
Well.. I cant really remember exactly what I did, unimportant stuff, boring stuff.. I had really not much to do now. Bike running well, nicely cleaned (looks brand new -ish), got everything I need. On Thursday last the Super8 film finally arrived in Dublin. Pete gave it to Aine. Aine gave it to Orla and on Friday Orla sent the Package by FEDEX with all my documents. Friday afternoon I took a walk up into the mountains behind where I live. That evening watched LOST episodes and headed to Flaco´s house. We hung out there for a while then onto the "simpsons bar", where they had R.H.C.P. live @ Slane on the TV, kinda weird.
On Saturday we all headed out to see Rivadavia Independente play Godoy Cruz in a second division match, both teams are from Mendoza and it was a heated match, but then maybe all South American matches are. Tickets were sold out but I got some last minute General tickets available, I got mine and went in on my own, the atmosphere was great, the match hadn't even started and they were all cheering and chanting like mad. When the players eventually came out on the pitch the place really kicked off, blue flares and very loud bangs went off and the air was filled with thousands of pieces of chopped up newspapers and rolls of paper were fired onto the pitch. The match was ok.. but everything going on around me was great. I wish I had brought my camera but I had been told not to.
In the second half we were treated to the first and only goal by the away team, only then did I actually notice the visitors tucked away in a corner surrounded by riot police. I found it hilarious to watch some of the kids cursing as much as was humanly possible and shaking the fence separating them and "The Enemy". Boy did they shake that fence, hanging out of it for dear life!
As I was watching the match I saw this kid look to his father and jesture him he needed to take a leak. The father pointed over to the fence, the kid went over and took a piss.. He was directly in front of a line of riot police, a classic image If I had my camera... but a tricky one to make a call on actually taking. There was lots of stuff going on, players getting hit by things thrown from the crowd. At half time riot police came onto the pitch as a show of force. Meanwhile some of the sub players warmed up the police had a real hard time controlling their excited Alsatians.
Of course we went out that night and had a laugh talking girls who didnt want to talk to us and ignoring girls that did want to talk to us, you know general ridiculousness. The next day was a BBQ at Luca"s dads hotel, after the BBQ I had a siesta and later on that night we went to Antares for "1".     ......Ha!
When we first went to Antares weeks ago we told them how to pull a pint of stout properly. You see they were just pulling the full thing then putting a full white pint in front of you and letting it settle in front of you. They told us it wasnt the same as Guinness and it was different, so we just let them go about their crap pouring. Later while I was at the farm in Malargue I got an email from Peadar saying 
..........."Funny story, was in antares, the lads behind the bar were there, early, by myself at the bar with pint and pizza, a manager guy comes over and calls the 2 lads together and brings them to the cream stout pump and says, in spanish but i understood, pull these pints three quarters then wait and then top it off. ha ha, i could not believe i was there to see this new instruction, they turned around and they tried to avoid my eye contact, i made sure they saw me and we all laughed, they remembered alright!! But the pause that they are putting in in between pulls is about 5 seconds, i thought i had better not say... for now.
So again 2 weeks later they were up to their old tricks, I was being served a frustratingly white pint of the good stuff. For the next pint I got in behind the bar and pulled us some decent pints. I can do this, Im a regular! Not exactly like a pint at home, it still had a oversized head on it but I think I instilled in them again at least the desire to serve a better pint, but for how long?
As we sat there at the bar I contemplated why their cream stout was so so good, when compared with other quality drinks. Most drinks loose their flavour, well at least their impact after a few pints but Antares Cream stout delivers time and time again. Im actually surprised every time I take a sip to find out that it is as tasty as when I first came in for "1". It´s like a party of uncontrollable full flavoured dancers in the throws of a vigorous dance across the back of your mouth.  .....I though this important enough to scribble my thoughts on a beer mat that night so I think I should honour that effort with this paragraph.
Maybe once Im back on the road my blogs wont be so much about
Beer...maybe ; )
Flaco is one of the main lads Im out with at the weekends, then there is his cousin Luca, ..his brother Negro, Diego, Leo and few others... They have a bit of English but 95% of the time we speak Spanish, Below is a Video of Oscar or Flaco as he´s known explaining directly to you how well he speaks English. He´s always a great laugh...
Another week begins in Mendoza, and I should only have another few days here and nothing to do really, so Im gonna do a few spanish lessons and I have recently found out that a friend of Flor´s is going to get me all the rest of the LOST episodes, its a big deal, in one of those fanatics. I have also found out how to download music in the Internet cafe´s, so more music on top of the DVD of new music I received from Signor Flood. 
As for Mr Kelleher : Why paraphrase him when I can just copy´N´paste
ME: Whats it like there?...
my house is great, huge bed, and room, cable tv in room, loads of meals, a maid that cleans up after me and makes my bed ha ha, i am not joking, landed on my feet there, and a jacuzzi outside, was expecting a mud hut or something. learning stuff, my teacher sound, sucre nice.
I have tracked the package and its just left Memphis Tennessee.. Once it arrives, I go.
Back on the road NORTH after many weeks here.
Fingers crossed.


From Des on May 23rd, 2008

Coming through the airport in Spain I saw a sign on the wall for Eta's most wanted check out the girls in picture 24 and have a look at this link ??? :) http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_11741.shtml

From Des on May 23rd, 2008

and PS. mud huts are you havin a laugh mud mansions

From inchy morgan on May 24th, 2008

remember we went to the grange about ten years ago and i made us have a pint of the black and u hated it. prob not cos your memory is brutal but i do. for introducing u to the great drink i will reward myself by plugging my site http://www.wealthylife4u.com/ MMMMWWWWWWAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

From Paul Whyte on May 26th, 2008

Get a Job hippie

From Stephen ( ME ) on May 26th, 2008

Ahh Paul whyte!! Thanks, but I had a job once and didnt much like it much ; ) The bikes parked outside with everything on it. and right NOW I hit the road north. I arrived in Mendoza on the 1st of April, Ive been along time off the road.. although Ill miss my friends and Mendoza itself, I cant wait to get goin..its like Im starting again!