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3 weeks in Mendoza: Wine, Organising, Kings of Leon & Stout

Written on: Tuesday April 22nd, 2008

Well, whats been going on?, not travelling anyway.
Into town and back again hardly counts.
We have been using our time here to sort out the LISTs.. and mine is looking well pretty empty.
I was finally reunited with my camera (take two) and bought all the memory cards (& got another faulty one, sometimes I feel like I'm loosing faith in them, lucky I hadn't bought it and left town.. ), tripod, spare battery and camera bag and even shopped round a bit too. Cant be just giving ur money to the first shop u go into. We´ve had plenty of time here as we wait for parts and of course all of my documents. Its a great place to be stuck and we´ve kept busy. I went to a metal worker and got him to make a new mounting block for Peadar's pannier and another for mine, and had my footstand re-welded, Peadar had his biscuit-tin[; )] panniers re-enforced with an extra iron bar, he put (anti-puncture)Pink slime inside his tubes. I want nothing to do with pink slime!... very messy job, I tried it. I bought a new camping chair (old one died in Ushuaia), we both did oil changes and I removed the RHS lower engine cover again to check the water leak. I bought a Super8 camera... and well lots and lots more trivial but important stuff, I guess what I'm saying is the three weeks here have been productive.
We have also managed to head out with our mates from Mendoza each weekend, a reward for all our "work" (that's right work!) done during the week. Also we love the Antares brewery bar... they have a fabulous "Creamy Stout", as good as Guinness. Peadar seems to think its better (Ill have to go reward myself for updating this blog with a pint) .. Also we have also been listening to an Insane amount of THE KINGS OF LEON, especially Because of the times, their 3rd and I´d say best album. Have you heard it, no?, go and buy it or copy it... It is amazing and I´d say if I could actually make up my mind it could be my favourite album EVER... but come back to me in a few months on that one. We have met a good few different people in our three weeks in our campsite. We are the longest people living there! They actually close in 10 days cos of the end of season but we were told we can stay longer if we want. We share the campsite with a few people now, amongst them is a German biker called Hartmut, 60 years old and still motorbiking the world. He seems to like Mendoza as well and he´s always talking about leaving soon.. as am I... tomorrow, ah, maybe Friday, Ah sure after the weekend!.
Anyway, I will really head tomor (well, 95% sure) as all the wheels are turning on the document reissuing thanks to my backup team at home, The family and my cousin Orla(Legend)... and thanks for everyone else´s help as well, Linden and the lads in 127 and anyway back to the story, So I head south 400ks to a farm for some work for a bit (WWOOFing) and it is also a hostel as well, an "Eco-Hostel" at that! I think the word Eco is putting Peadar off going, he associates it with hippies or something or.., I dunno....
Anyway Id imagine all the stuff will be here by the time I come back and then we will (I hope) hit the road again.   As one says "I cant wait" .. but in reality I must.


From Peadar Kelleher on Apr 23rd, 2008

WORDS I HEAR EVERY DAY Teradactyl...cir-clip...malbec...artesanal...eco-tourism...experimental...ploy...1GB memory stick...ignition...kings of leon...i want nothing to do with that pink slime...cream stout...who has right of way...I do...parilla...sarmiento...analord series...the tuss...treasna na dtonnta...yes yes...nicht nicht...teradactyl

From Aine on Apr 24th, 2008

Enjoy the Woofing. Hopefully, all will be sorted when ya arrive back. A big "Guten Tag" to Hartmut-class name!!

From joe the celt on Apr 27th, 2008

First off, can i apologize...sorry !!! this has been a cruel trick played by these boyos and meself to a lesser extent... yes its true... them two boyos have not left Ireland at all but are infact work with me in O'Connell St at the mo making breakfast rolls for the good n great

From joe the celt on Apr 27th, 2008

only joking...... nice write up again lads keep it coming.....jealious...who me ;-)

From Peadar on Apr 29th, 2008

Parts are in, thanks be to Jeebus!

From Mark P on Apr 30th, 2008

Peadar & Stephen. Do I know you? I don't get this blog.