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Across the Pass at Aconcagua to Mendoza

Written on: Friday April 4th, 2008

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Wellity, wellity, well...
Here in Mendoza there has been high times and there has been some very low times.
We met up with some girls we met in Rosario and it was the Malvines holiday on Wednesday so we got to go out on Tuesday night and danced to gypsy music, not half as terrible as it sounds. The next few days was spent pottering round the campsite organising 'stuff' I cant even remember what it was I did, but I was busy and going into town to buy bits and pieces, new chair, motor oil, clips to fix tank bag Velcro.. just random stuff. Then I tried to back up my 4 GB card (2000 photos, over 2 months of experinces) and it said faulty!! So they are possible gone, but I had sent a DVD with them home, tho that was 1 month ago now and I dont really trust the post over here... So that could really annoy me greatly for a great deal of time.
Anyway busy busy busy..stuff etc... +Cinema. Then Friday night I went out with Fernanda and get to meet a few of her friends. Saturday night we went out for a few drinks and found and Artesanal beer place. Peadar and I dont really like the word Artesanal, (handycraft) cos it just usually means it costs more, and well, the beer there does but its worth it. Sunday was my Cumpleaños so we went to the park with Beer, music, games, chairs and a full BBQd chicken. We were soon joined by Fernanda and a few of her friends. It is great for practicing and learning more Español cos some of them have no Ingles. We stayed in the park until dark and then went on into the city. Parc San Martin is a great spot, just like the Phoenix being the biggest in Europe it is the biggest city park in south America. The girls had faded and it was Peadar, me and the lads with almost no Ingles left, nevertheless a great night was had.
DIN DIN DIN....! So the afternoon of the next day I was in the internet cafe for hours, a Cafe I have been to lots, one that was away from the main street, good people in there etc.. Im trying to set the scene here. Anyway I had my Ipod on the table and my bag hidden under it. I got up to go to the bathroom for a minute, took the Ipod but left the bag under the table. I came back and continued to work away. Maybe 45 mins later I noticed it was gone, SHOCK came over me. I got up startled and looked around, felt the past flash back to me I had gone to the toilet and it had been ROBBED. Then I doubted it, I thought, did I put it somewhere else? Bring it to the bathroom with me? No, No, I was pacing back and forth, it was agonising. Knowing that It was gone and that I had no chance of getting it back. I cursed myself, I wanted to punch something, to scream, even to cry, but I just felt helpless. I asked the girl at the desk to call the cops, I thought what can I do, quickly think... What are my options? Nothing. Anyway the next few hours were horrible, I cursed myself, If only this, if only that? Florencia, one of the girls we know came to the Police station with me and asked them questions for me and generally made it alot easier than it could have been. She filled in the form.
Contents of bag:  Camera!, Memory cards!, Passport!, Motorbike Vehicle registration paper!, all documents, bit of Cash....and so on.                 Hellish, really.
I mean we had always imagined what was the wort things that could be stolen from us besides the bike. Camera, Ipod, Passport., well 2 out of 3 not bad. If they got the Ipod I reckon I would be alot worse now. Anyway, later over tacos and a much needed beer I had pretty much accepted it. Although I really hope to witness a crime in progress in the near future because although I am now over it I have kept a small bit of pure angerRage for thief's deep inside and I hope to unleash it on some thief someday ; )
I started the process of getting all documents back and claiming off the insurance, at least I was covered! I joked that things come in 3´s. 4GB memory card, then this, what next?
Passport office was very helpful and are sorting out emergency passport for the next few weeks so I can go on to Chile and Bolivia thats of course if I get the motor tax office to get me my new registration papers soon ( If anyone has any contacts in there please get in touch with me!) Then I will pick up the full passport in Bolivia's capital for the journey onward. So all I had to do was call the Insurance claim people.
This I reckon would constitute number 3 in a string of bad luck. The are not going to pay!
Before we left the longest policy they would give us was 12 months, we thought after the 12 months we can sort something else, but at least we are covered for that time period. But oh No. Insurance being the WANKERS that I always knew they were (as an industry tho, not personally) have said that I have to have proof of a flight home inside the 12 months of the policy before I can have a successful claim. Well I ain't coming home that quick. and I can only extend the policy for a max on one additional month. So that's it, take this one on the chin, fork out the cash, get a new camera. I have already ordered it. Im sure its in the small print, but If anyone thinks I have a lag to stand on against the might insurance ´People´ let me know. Anyway stuff is organised now, thanks to dad at home and the Irish Embassy here, very nice people. It´s just a waiting game, waiting on the post. God I hate the post here. Anyway enough gloom.... There is always a flipside to everything. So I reckon I´m due some real nice karma now and I´m getting a new camera.....without a scratch on the lens.
Today we went to see Mt. Aconcagua (6962 meters) with some other Argentinians from our campsite so a day away from organising.
Im off for a BBQ.
Ciao amigos


From flood on Apr 7th, 2008

Stephen its your birthday , happy birthday Stephen. the training wheels come off our bike, you start to notice boys you lie, Stephen its your birthday , happy birthday Stephen!!

From flood on Apr 7th, 2008

( correct version)...... Stephen its your birthday , happy birthday Stephen. the training wheels come off our bike, you start to notice boys you like, Stephen its your birthday , happy birthday Stephen!!

From will bruno on Apr 9th, 2008

Hey Stephen, are you guys still in mendoza, or farther north. I lost my wallet south of El Bolson, and have been stranded here for a week. think I will be able to start north again tomarrow, or the next day. And perhaps catch up with you guys at some point. -Will from coyhaique willbruno@yahoo.com

From Dad on Apr 11th, 2008

Ste keep the chin up, backup team is working and thanks Orla for all the help. Ste 1300 photos arrived yesterday so not all is lost.

From jm on Apr 14th, 2008

bad luck with the stolen stuff, take out that rage on a punch bag or something, good luck

From Flavia G on Apr 14th, 2008

hei!! i see that you have travelled all around Argentina! I will be going there for a couple of months! Any advice of where I should go? ?

From Aine on Apr 15th, 2008

Love the drawing of ur day in the park-so many new talents. Weather gettin better here so hopefully park days 4 us soon. Mind u Stephens Green isn't quite the same, See ya soon-well on Skype that is xx

From greg y amaia on Apr 22nd, 2008

bad luck for your stuff stolen, that's life!!...�¿ what's up for you 2 �¿todo bien?for us, we just arrived in bolivia, it's another world here see you around que te vaya bien!