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Across the road & the sea to Puerto Varas to wait for parts (in the rain)

Written on: Thursday March 20th, 2008

So... We left Coyhaique and headed through more stunning scenery along the Carretera Austral, which is the only road to connect the Capital and rest of northern Chile with the south. The road goes straight through a number of National parks along the way and at times it resembles a disused jungle track not wide enough for two cars to pass and again I say, this is the only road south. A great road, a dirt road through untainted nature but this is beginning to change. Roadworks in the National park begin to hold us up, progress is coming to this neck of the woods. This road has been dirt for 20 years since Pinochet decided he wanted a road to the south. Chile´s economy is getting stronger and this means more paved road to the south and big projects under way like Hydro electric dams and such. This has resulted in an antidevelopment campaigns from the residents in the south. This road and area wont be the same in the years to come and well I guess this is happening everywhere so get off those couches. ; )
Peadar's ignition was covered in so much tape now that he had run out and was onto my roll, It is actually hilarious how optimistic Peadar is about the state of it.. On the road repair time was on the increase and it was now a definite for the new parts list when we got to the decent sized next town.
The scenery first changed when we crossed the southern Andes into Chile, it changed from the mountain desert greys and golds to the green of the wetter side of the Andes and then further north we seemed to be moving into what looked like rain forest and jungle terrain... but we were too far south for this. There were massive ferns and giant leafs on the bushes by the side of the road. The ground was wet and the trees went to the very tops of the mountains, so all we could see was trees.. It got me very excited for the real Jungles that were to come. And then all of a sudden a Glacier!, in the forest.. in the ´Jungle´!, it looked so out of place. It was perched on a mountainside in the distance, so we set up camp at the bottom and the next morning I trekked for 2 hours to get a better view. After this we headed on and arrived in Chaiten where due to the boat timetable and Paddies day coming up we decided to head straight to Port Montt. We went to the free camping place. This was really a picnic area just out of view of the road, absolutely setup for free camping, picnic tables, campfire etc. Once setup we went down to the beach and watched the sunset over the Pacific. As I contemplated the fact that I had been looking at the Atlantic EXACTLY one week ago we were treated to a school of Dolphins passing slowly by, what a class free camping spot and what a welcome to the Pacific. The next day was spent on board reading and when we reached Port montt we raced to the cinema to see There will be blood... not on tho... Beers and a club followed, the following day spent looking at TV and buying my new home. No Morgage. No security checks, just CASH, thats how I roll. Tis just a tent tho. but what a tent! Anyway after paddies day beers the following few days were spent going in and out of the Yamaha dealership getting info on parts that were meant to be arriving but haven't, and parts that have arrived but that were the wrong size and parts that were in the city 20ks away but that we couldn't collect, that could only be collected by the delivery person ...that wasn't there at the moment... Anyway long painful story short, Im collecting my bike NOW and hitting the road... (Fingers crossed) and Peadar has to stay till next Monday for his parts (and some of my spares that I don't need to wait for, Thanks)
also ....
4 minutes of Dirt road from Carretera Austral, thats it really.. though I think this could be the end of HelmetCam... Dust got in the lens and that made me very angry and made me feel stupid for doing these vids with a multi hundred Euro camera ... even tho the dust does not show up in shots..


From Peadar on Mar 20th, 2008

Where has my secretary/cook gone???

From D35 on Mar 21st, 2008

You and Peadar holding hands watching the sun set how romantic

From joe the celt on Mar 21st, 2008

Well lads im back in sunny ireland after me wee spin, and its good to see your still going strong...But have to say when i seen the foto of Peadar's ignition switch it did bring back fond memories and had to laugh ;-) Ride safe and keep the posts coming. joe

From Peadar on Mar 21st, 2008

Hi Joe, that part costs 100Eur but tape is cheap! And if I ever make it back to the Emerald Isle I should have no trouble getting work as I will be a fully qualified tapeitician. Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. And Des, I cant think of a retort right now but if I had the time I am sure it would be a good one.

From flood on Mar 25th, 2008