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Leaving Ushuaia, then a bit further south before heading north

Written on: Monday February 4th, 2008

We went to Tierro Del Fuego National Park and after that Peadar went north, I was to follow him after I finished my spanish course. After my Spanish course I went to the school karaoke night and successfully managed to avoid singing. Then with the school the following night we went tango dancing. For me, the second time. A much better effort on my part, absolutely no toe-steppin this time... I got to watch the match on Saturday and then I left Ushuaia to catch up with Peadar.

I met up with Kevin Foley who has ridden here from New York and is at the tail end of his trip. He actually went to school with Des and Flood and lived in hollypark!! So I'm not the only 27year-old from Dublin motorbiking round South America, but I am the only one that is called Stephen Bray... HA!

Here is a quick vid of the road to ...Moat Perfectura Naval station.

The final track south, 54degrees and 58minutes to be exact, Kevin has a GPS Yokey...
Then we went for a quick dip in the Beagle channel. I had planned this for a while and I was expecting it to be tough
but it was a perfect day and was fabulous.
Now I head north with Kevin to meet up with Peadar and go for a bit of treking..


From Aine on Feb 5th, 2008

Hey-cool clip there, nice swim? Say ya have 2 charge the camera every day. Its Pancake Tuesday today = Fat tuesday.Chocolate and Ice Cream pancakes-mmm. Ash Wednesday 2moro, Im sure ya havnt forgotten that though!!No meat 2moro-is that possible in South America-give it a shot!

From Saul on Feb 7th, 2008

Every blog makes me more and more jealous! Got a nice pair of blue balls after that dip?!

From inchy fatman on Mar 13th, 2008

howya! kiwis are fatter and furrier trip looks fn amazing, enjoy yourself