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Foz do Iguazu

Written on: Thursday December 27th, 2007

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It was 300ks to Foz do Iguazu and when we left it was steaming hot, must have been about 35C degrees. Later when we crossed the river Iguazu we had to pull in as the rain and wind had gotten very strong quite quickly. It was such a contrast to the heat we had felt moments earlier, twenty minutes later back on the road and again the sun was shining. Then later again as we were less than 10k's from 'Foz' and a storm was hitting and the wind got so strong we were leaning the bikes at about 30 Degrees into the wind to try to keep in a straight line and frequently we were being blown from one lane to the other, a steady eye was kept on the outside lane for any SUV´s that might be flying along. It was really slow riding but we were too close to pull in. Once off our bikes unpacked & showered we went into the dinner room for our Christmas Dinner, ...Nice Turkey, but of course not a patch on mam´s! We spent the rest of the evening sat at the bar drinking & talking to the other guests. The guy who was sharing our dorm turned out to be a cop from Sao Paulo and he let us mess around with his gun -minus bullets.
Christmas day, floating in the swimmingpool with a beer was much warmer than the Courtown Christmas day seaswim. Though it was raining, im sure just to make us feel at home. Though a short while later it was cocktails and sunshine again. A bit too sureal to be a real Christmas though. On stephens day and instead of being in my relatives Johnny&Gemma's house getting the second best Christmas dinner in Ireland I was at the Iquazu falls. They are huge. there are lots of falls all forming a kind of arc, I think 280 separate falls. We got the boat tour that actually goes under one of the smaller falls. It was good to get that close but the tour was kinda short and I felt like I was a robot on a tourist conveyer belt, spat out at the end. Also, once we had gone under the waterfall and were heading back down the river I took my camera out of the plastic bag and was taking a picture when a huge wave came over the boat and ABSOLUTELY SOAKED!! my camera!! Tension, Disbelief, panic, Pure Dread. Pain inside my heart or a tightness in the chest, Rage. Anxiety. Horror, these are just some of the feelings that I felt... It was properly soaked. As we sped down the river I held the camera up and it dried quiet a bit and it was still working, there was fog under the LCD screen, but I was already thinking, not that bad, just the screen fogged up, but hours later it was fine.. Very Lucky me. Good to know it can stand up to that tho. but hopefully never again.
After we saw the falls we went to go on one of the walking trails, it was too expensive, and well it was closed for the day. So we just walked along the main road through the park and eventually we saw a band of Quati ( these guys  http://www.sefaz.ms.gov.br/age/figuras/Curiosidades/Quati02.jpg ) The little babies were so cute, the whole pack scattered as we got too close but some of the little ones didnt see what was going on and ended up having to make a mad dash when we came really close.  We also spotted some monkeys hidden in the tree's and found a trail that lead to a nice river swimming spot. That evening more drinks at the bar and then I watched 'The Last Samurai' - Tis christmas, gotta get in some movies...
Now we are back in Argentina to see the falls from the other and supposedly better side.
Ciao, Happy Christmas & a Happy 08 to you all.


From Damo on Jan 8th, 2008

Happy new year!! been reading some of the blog entries ... sounds like your having a blast!! keep them coming .. it's a reminder that there are more interesting things to do than go to work each day and drink in the same pubs each weekend

From Barry on Jan 9th, 2008

Yo, Checked out those falls on the net, they're crazy. Peadar start complaining about the constant pausing for a "quick photo moment" Peace!

From Peadar on Jan 12th, 2008

Tell me about it! We would be in Alaska already if it werent for all the bloody photos.

From Mark P on Jan 12th, 2008

I just read the Tribune article boys. As I said Peadar I'm very impressed and highly envious. Great stuff. It really does seem like you're both doing an 'On the Road' just like Jack K did. Stephen I hope that's a pellet gun, you know I hate people endorsing gun porn, especially in attractive boxer shorts such as the ones you are sporting for the camera!!!