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On to Florinopolis

Written on: Monday December 24th, 2007

The rest of my time in Garopaba was spent relaxing on the beach or meeting up Alicia from her Yoga course in a nearby hotel retreat type thing. I had gone to this town to meet up with Alicia a friend from Buenos Aires. The weather was very mixed and I had a few cloudy days. Peadar arrived at my hotel and we caught up on the past 2 weeks. A few days later I said goodbye to Alicia and Peadar and myself hit the road together for the first time since crossing the border into Uruguay weeks ago. We only had a 2 hour journey north to the Island of Florianopolis and there we headed to the south of the island to a small fishing town. Standard proceedure,  we went straight in for a swim and it was noticeable warmer here than Garopaba, this was the furthest north we would be going in Brazil before we headed west to Iguazu falls.
That night we decided to head into Florianopolis city to try find a decent club and we did. il Divino, the same as in Ibiza. It was all that one could hope for when one thinks of a club populated by the most beautiful women that Brazil has to offer, it was Unbelievable! And no Des, unfortunately I didn't. The only real conversation I had was when a girls stiletto went right on top my toes, and it was more shouting than talking, sandals werent a great idea. We spent half the next day recovering and then got out of our mini-apartment for an ol walk and a swim. The next day we were off towards Iguazu, for Christmas.


From flood on Dec 31st, 2007

eh man were you still pissed writing this one, look how many times you repeat yourself. Im guessing it was " noticeable warmer here than Garopaba" ;o). Happy new year to you both, hopefully meet up with you at some stage!!