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Garopaba, what a beach spot

Written on: Sunday December 16th, 2007

Well Im here now and just gonna relax for a bit after all the hiking and wait for Peadar to catch up.

Check out the last Blog from the Aparados da Serra National Park.


From Linden on Dec 17th, 2007

More great pictures - interesting reading too. Make sure you clear ALL the mud from the radiator - the cooling on that bike is marginal at best

From Cristi Farrell on Dec 26th, 2007

Glad to see you two are still safe out there and making progress. My email address is on my site [ANovelPath.com]. Warn me when you're coming to Los Angeles ;)

From Ismael on Dec 27th, 2007

hello my friends, how is going in this nice trip, my email is ismael_mari@hotmail.com

From Mark P on Dec 28th, 2007

Greetings. How did the Christmas go for you both, plenty of sunshine and local booze no doubt? Where to next on the itenery? I suppose I could check your map and make a quess but I couldn't be arsed!!!