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Punta Del Diablo

Written on: Tuesday December 11th, 2007

Ive just done 2 Blog-updates at once....anyway...
It was only a few hours ride to Punta Del Diablo but then I had to ride around the town in all my Bike gear and look for a good place to stay. T´was real HOT... but I persisted, looked at about seven places and settled on Fernando´s Cabanas. www.puntadeldiablo.com.uy/-cabanas/cab-terrazas2.html I'm glad I did as he and Adolfo(Fito) who ran the place were great guys and really friendly. Once all the gear was unpacked I went straight to the beach for a swim, standard proceedure at any beach spot.
Punta Del Diablo is the polar opposite of Punta Del Este, its a small laidback fishing village and was the perfect place to relax. The next few days were spent hanging in my hammock , on the beach or having Alon the Israeli cook us food or make us coffee, he made a great Cuppa and he cooked us a typical Israeli dish; Sliced hotdogs and onions fried, add freshly skinned tomatoes and then add eggs on top, fry and serve, simple and effective. He loved to cook and noone argued. One night after the daily BBQ´s which the owners often joined us for Adolfo (or Fito which is his nickname\ stagename) was convinced to do some Flamenco dancing for us. He was really really amazing, it turns out he is one of Uruguay's most well known dancers and performs a few times a year in Uruguay and Brazil.
Frenchie and the Check guy (I know their names but sometimes its just easier this way) rented surf boards and I had a go as well.. not much success really. One of the days we went over the rocks at the end of the beach and did a pretty decent walk into the national park which including a small but amazing indoor Botanical garden but that was about as energetic as we got in Punta Diablo.
Then Peadar headed back to Paysandu to wait for his parts which should have been arriving in a few days. Everybody else headed to Montevideo and the group disbanded.. I stayed on a few more days there with the Swedish girl. Fernando had gotten some copied DVD´s from one of his previous guests and invited us to watch a movie... Again for the benefit of Mark Phillips.It was `Little Children`, quite strange but a really good movie. We watched it outdoors with some blankets. Its so good to get to watch a movie given the amount I generally watch in Ireland.
I was going to head on for Brazil on the Friday but Fito was to dance in the towns feast day. I think it started off hundreds of years ago as a saints day but over the years has become a feast day for celebrating the beginning of the real summer and happens all along the Uruguayan coast. All the women of this small village get to dress up and strut their stuff. For some of them this is the one and only day they get to feel special before returning to the simple life of a fishermans wife. It´s only been going in on in this village for the past 2years since a dancing teacher moved to town and even she was to learn from Fito and have the pleasure of sharing a dance with him, the real pro. The crowd loved his dancing andyou could see how happy she was dancing with him. All the dancers even the beginners seemed good to me and it was another great evening. The next morning I set off for BRAZIL!!, I must say a little apprehensive at going there alone probably still scared from all the police beating videos Des emailed me before I left Ireland, what a good friend he is!


From flood on Dec 14th, 2007

what the crack with frenchie, my god that lad gets around. Just don't go trekking with him ;). Checked out the vid on youtube! Good stuff! That latin lover I love the concentration in in his face as he is snake hipping it up!looks like a legend!!

From Red Scorpion on Dec 14th, 2007

Gee Whiz that Peadar is a handsome fellow!

From Red Scorpion on Dec 15th, 2007

Lets just say I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life!

From Ste >> on Dec 16th, 2007

Peadar get off my page, I mean our page!, U must really be bored waitin for the bike to be fixed, really should have picked up on your use of the word -Fellow- (What has happened to me, Im leaving comments on my own page..)

From Derex on May 5th, 2013

I can't believe I've been going for years without kwnonig that.