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Story from Punta del Este &Photos from the next town Punta Del Diablo

Written on: Thursday December 6th, 2007

Punta del Este is a big Touristy town with high rise towers but It is great in spite of this.
We reveled in the beach life and I was on the beach within minutes up unloading the many many bags I have on the bike.
We stayed at the 1949 hostel, where we came in contact with the biggest variety of tourists yet.
1949 Hostel, we were wondering where the name came from, and funny thing: it was built in ......
Anyway, we panned out on the beaches and just relaxed, yeah they have a few beaches.
Its a relatively small peninsula, you can bodysurf the waves on one beach in the morning and in the afternoon on the other side you can float about in the complete calm. There were some Danes staying at the hostel who were competing in a Yacht race. We went down to the harbour to get some fish for dinner and they were just coming back in, we went over to see how they did and they told us there was an Irish boat in the race. We went over and introduced ourselves and before we knew it we were in the Yacht club at the afters enjoying free beers and Burgers. And everybody knows that I go together with free food like Burgers go together with Beer! The Danes then upped the ante with free Rum+cokes, we were set.
The first few evenings eating and drinking in the hostel were calm-ish and we got to know everyone from Israel to Chile to the Nurses from Naas. The real stand out character was Aldo, the quintessential Italian, Dressed in Armani or some other designer stuff and full of life, his catchphrase seemed to be `Disco~TO~Disco, Everybody~DiscoŽ and you would hear it on average 40 to 50 times a night, each time like it was his first time saying it. Big Smile!! I think alot of people though he was annoying but myself and Peadar though he was classic. Friday was his birthday and it was a big night, he made it so. He bought and cut his own cake and bought a bottle of Champagne(well sparkling something) and Vodka for all to have. Tonight the bars and clubs opened, they are usually open every night in the full season. Anyway we all went out after getting the party well started in the hostel and went out for some serious drinking, I think Peadar was out with everybody else till 8am or something and I unfortunately woke up on a bench on the seafront with one empty camera holder on my waist. I was really very angry with myself, but Im over it now, Well you live and you learn.. (or do u?)
There was no chance of leaving the next day, so on Sunday I left for Punta Diablo. We had assembled an International crew to rent a Cabana and seen as I was on the bike I was to get there first and try find a nice place for us all to stay...


From fatman on Dec 13th, 2007

we all put money in a pot to see when you would wake up without a camera, i won!! by a mile!! only messin

From Alma on Nov 27th, 2012

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