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URUGUAY,Paysandu..and beyond

Written on: Friday November 30th, 2007

So after our minor bike checks we jump started the bike, I am starting to become quite good at this and headed into Paysandu, the first and nearest town to begin to think about our next move.

We circled round the town in the sweltering heat looking for a hotel with parking for the bikes, eventually we found one and finally Peadar could take his hand off the throttle. When we were parked and unpacked Peadar went off to the internet cafe to finish the article for the Tribune while I showered & relaxed in front of my very own TV with a Cervesa and enjoyed the Da Vinci code. quite an entertaining piece of crap after all. The next day Peadar was online using the www.Horizonsunlimited.com website to get contact details for mechanics in Montevideo or one of the bigger cities. Its a great resource for motorbike travellers and within a matter of 2 hours he had emails and soon we found a recommended mechanic in this relatively small town. When we arrived at their place later that day Marcelo´s wife Blankita greeted us, in English, which was a real relief. He had boats in his garden and plenty of bikes in his garage. This guy knew his stuff and we felt confident about him working on the bike. While he was working on getting the engine cover off we were asked to come around to the back of the house where there was a small classroom of people learning English. We were asked to ask them questions in English and answer questions from them in English, they were shy to ask questions so we went straight in and started to ask about the nightlife in the town and thing we wanted to know.

Blankita suggested that her friend, the editor of the regional paper would want to interview us, we said sure and within the hour or so we were sitting in the classroom being photographed by their photographer and interviewed by the editor, as the reporters English wasn't great. If you speak Spanish or even just to look at the pics go to http://www.eltelegrafo.com/notas/loc_25-11-07.htm (and scroll down 2-thirds of the way). Later that night we went out to the towns clubs and the next day was spent recovering in bed. On Sunday when the article was published we were contacted by an Irish guy who was now living in Paysandu. Later that evening we met Paul, his wife and his little baby Tommy. He took us out for slap up dinner and we were delighted to be able to waffle away to someone about Ireland and talk without the aid of a dictionary!

Monday morning Peadar left early, his bike waiting in town for parts he had to get the bus first thing.. I stayed in bed and was about to get up when I flicked on the the TV to find ´Flight of the Navigator´ What an absolute Classic!!, so with no bus to catch I lay there a little bit more. At traffic lights as I was finally leaving town I was wished well by some English guy driving a local pickup truck, he´d read the article in the paper the day before.. My first day solo riding went fine and a few hours later I was in Colonia de Sacramento. It´s a UNESCO World heritage site, a well preserved Portugese Colonial town. We stayed there for two nights, Peadar had arrived before me and checked into a hostel. I had decided to stay with a guy called Arnaldo whom Peadar had contacted on Horizons Unlimited about mechanics. He had given us Marcelo´s number; the mechanic in Paysandu and offered his house and garage for the bike. We saw the old town and as pretty as it was it could all be seen in a matter of hours.Wednesday morning we left for Punta del Este, a huge summer spot for the rich and tanned, It was to be the first Real real nice beach spot... 

Oh and just before I finish the entry, one more thing, on our second and last night in town Peadar was cooking up some pasta, I arrived starving and the meal was in full swing, veg cooking (well bubbling!!!! at least) and the water boiling.... in goes the pasta, 10 mins to go, I reckon, stomach groaning...just add some ´olive oil´, well to Peadar it looked like olive oil. He´d been cooking with washing up liquid, CALAMITY PEADAR strikes again..BAM!


From joe the celt on Dec 12th, 2007

Nice one lads, didnt i tell ya about them cops, ride safe... the celt in Pakistan