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Journey to El Palmar

Written on: Tuesday November 20th, 2007

Just a quick update to say we got to our first destination outside Buenos Aires, a National Park called El Palmar 
Have been stopped twice by the cops on our first day, so first take out licence, then they try to get a bribe but we just keep saying "no comprende", acting dumb like we dont know what they want and repeat "no comprende".. then act dumb again.
Then they say Deniro (money) and we just say No, then follow that up a few more times with "no comprende". And soon enough they drop their serious guise; they tire so quickly. Its really nice to be the guy who doesnt try AT ALL when someone is trying to communicate something in a foreign language. "No Hable Espanol"... Then at the end to lighten the tone you have to start listing the football players of Argentina in a jokey I have no spanish, you have no english but were all having great craic anyway kinda-way!! Then further down the road at another roadblock they whipped out a phone which had a text on it in spanish saying that they had radar-ed us and we were going to fast, which I could understand fairly clearly, to which we responded "No Comprende" about 20 times over the next 10 minutes... Too Easy!
When we got the the national park it was almost completely dark and we had to ride on 14kms on loose gravel... this is one reason we should try to loose some weight from the bikes... Anyway were relaxing in the National park and have met some nice Argentine people who have cooked for us for the last 3 nights,we chip in on the grocerys and they cook, not BAD
...gotta go now, cant spend all my time interneting.
Oh yeah and Calamity Peadar (He now has the title, I have been beat) got stung by something on the ride up here and He had a filthy big RockyBalboa eye for the last 3 Days...


From jeanjeanie on Nov 24th, 2007

Found your page and look forward to your next entry.... planned on doing the southern direction from california but divorce got in the way.....chimi churri and empanadas....yummy... have a great trip an keep blogging.......peaceout, j

From jeanjeanie on Nov 28th, 2007

Che, Won't be making it anytime soon, but we are in the prettiest part of northern California, southern California is sh**. I can set you off to some great adventures once you get into northern Mexico, hot springs all the way to Canada... and some great swimming near Tahoe, but I don't know your route..... look forward to living vicariously through your adventure..... peaceout, Chau jeanie