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The Bikes are finally Freed

Written on: Thursday November 15th, 2007

So ...where to start, I suppose where I finished off
Well last Saturday we went to Creamfields, good craic,
then Sunday we were due to go to the BOCA Juniors match but the guy that was getting our tickets, Diego, was out of contact and not returning our emails and VM´s... We were well pissed off to be missing it (I was particularly angry)
+ they ended up winning 4 nil!!
We were far far to hung over to go outside and try the touts so off to the cinema for a double-bill
(For the benefit of Mark Phillips: We saw Heartbreak kid + Butterfly on a wheel)
Our second visit back to the South Docks Warehouse we went by regular taxi, not river boat and walking.... that was only after our new documents were received here, they had been altered Massively as the originals we were now good to go. Mine now had an brand new A on it !! 
and Peadars had a B on it !! and we had to wait a half a week for that.
Anyway once we got them and paid some money, got some more forms and of course got everything stamped, off we went to customs to sit and wait, by the time we had another big pile of forms, stamped and signed in triplicate it was too late to get the bikes so it was a mission for the next day. Home for beer and food and up the next morning, excited at the prospect of getting our bikes out. We got there at 1230, they were on lunch, so we waited round for an hour, then back and forth getting more forms, copies and of course stamping anything that even looked like a form. Soon we were putting the bikes back together, windscreens + handlebars, connecting the battery and adding petrol.... But they wouldn't start! K, after all they have been idle for at least 7 weeks !
So we began to attempts at running Jumpstartin them, this went on for ages, I was determined to get them going but they were determined not to start, though it was constantly so close. Soon we had the Warehouse workers over pushing us and then began the everyman is a mechanic with his own suggestions phase, "Gasoline" "Si"... Of course !!
Taking out the spark plugs, I tried telling them they were brand new. After a while the first issue was found out..
Normal petrol was what we added, I mean normal, normal in Ireland means normal, normal here means CheapAss crap!
So we drained the crap out of the tanks and got some SUPER. after another bout of pushing and running and bump-starting mine started.
We consentrated on Peadar's bike. One of the warehouse lads had signaled that we should pull Peadar's bike behind a fork lift, Ehhhhmmmmm  OK... I mean I had my bike towed behind my dads car in Wexford and it had worked.
Why not..   ....Well, I´ll tell you why not. My dad speaks English very well so communication was not a problem and he used a car not a jerky fork lift, and thirdly and finally we jumped mine on a nice bike of SMOOTH Tarmac in Wexford and this was a potholed gravel warehouse yard......
So, guess what happened next
I see Peadar being towed out the door of the shed and around the corner, starting to think at this stage that this is a bad idea. I wasn´t even sure if I wanted to follow him to watch, I mean what good could I do watching from a distance...but I had to see, as I turned the corner I was just in time to see Peadar's bike being jerked from under him and slamming him onto the ground (Phoebe, worry not, the word slam is used for dramatic effect, ....although it was pretty a slammy affair)
He was OK thank god, so back we went into the shed and we tried to jump the bike off a fork lift, there was a solid crew of at least 10 guys standing around and they had been doing nothing but help us all day, I mean no work at all, Nothing and no one told them to go back to work, John Morgan, maybe u could look for a job in a warehouse!
I had my bike running constantly but it kept cutting out every once in a while so I had to do a few laps of the Warehouse yard to charge it up again. We finally decided to get a mechanic for Peadars bike and he arrived at 6, they had to close the warehouse at 630 and this was already an extension for us... it was a race against the clock to get it out that day to avoid more delay, he tried a few tricks then took the carbs out and drained some water from them but we were out of time now so we were moved next door to a carpark where the mechanic finished the work and got the bike going... Then finally, off we went, with no map to find our way home, a good while later in the dark we did!
Today I went into town and bought a new camera (Sony DSC H9) in case anyone wanted to know and tomorrow we drive out of Buenos Aires to really begin the first real part of this motorbike journey...... and yes the bikes started fine this morning ; )


From flood on Nov 16th, 2007

ha ha , the security guy to the left in the first photo looks about as loco as the dog in the last photo.

From Aine on Nov 18th, 2007

Ah say ur delira!! Finally u got the bikes outta there. Some great pics-that one of the security outside Creamfields-scary!!Vanessa said that 2-loadsa dogs everywhere-very random tho-like 15 in the same place-mind u they luk well kept,il mail ya actually, congrats on gettin the bikes-the adventure begins!!

From MarkC on Nov 18th, 2007

rev up up there!! glad ye got yere bikes on the road. great photos there too.

From Mark P on Nov 18th, 2007

Cool photo's. To be honest even if I had my camera with me (Which I don't this time as I intend to buy one here) it is far too cold here in Toronto to even press the shutter without camera shake, it's that cold. Good call on the flick naming. I myself saw Blade Runner 'The Final Cut' yesterday evening. Well recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it or enjoys the auld neo noir detective flick with Replicants. Oh, sorry this isn't a review site it's a message board. Sorry about that lads...

From Mam and Dad on Nov 19th, 2007

Well done ste and Peadar, on the road atlast. Some great pics. Talk to you soon. Did you get skyped yet.