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Back to the City

Written on: Friday November 9th, 2007

So after 6days at the beach we headed back to Buenos Aires on the 2nd and we just happened to be lookin out the window as we passed the Port and saw the "Monte Cervantes" which was transporting our bikes, OK so it didn't sink, nice one...cos we hadn't bothered with any insurance and it was 3days ahead of schedule.

That night a big group of us went out for Dinner, I mean MEAT, lots of MEAT, God Bless Argentina! We were heading out to meet Diego, the guy who is hopefully gonna sort out the BOCA Juniors tickets for us. He´s a really nice guy and Peadar had gotten in touch with him through Phoebe´s cousin. Diego had been watching football on TV and saw Robbie Keane playing, thought he was a great player and suddenly decided to be an ardent Ireland supporter, he watched all the games and even said if they played Argentina he would actually support Ireland. He was on the FAI blog pages and soon made friends in Ireland with Phoebe´s cousin. He and his friends decided to pay for Diego´s ticket over to see Ireland play and I think a spurs game and even set Diego up with an Irish girl... Hes the real life and soul of the party type of guy, great craic..and when he said we should try a piece of unidentified meat from the platter he got saying it was the nicest meat I asked not what it was and bit in... INTESTINE, fatty greasy Disgusting INTESTINE.. The mankiest thing I have ever eaten, Apart from that real nice meal. Top-notch thick Sirloin steak, chips and a rake of beers, all for 7.50.. Then on to another bar and on and on...

Next day we slept in and went to the cinema, too hanging to do anything else. Later that night we were to meet the two girls from Pinamar to try tango dancing in a properly authentic Argentine Dancehall, not just one of those tourist shows where you have to empty your wallet for the privilege of watching someone else dance. No in our place we were gonna get beginner lessons and entry to the Dancehall for 2euro each. I had to do some convincing to get Peadar to go feeling a little tender from the night before, I also had to convince myself I wanted to try this dancing myself, no flailing limbs like in Dublin, rules, steps and timing. We arrived before the girls and went downstairs and waited for them, we needed there help in translating the instructions for us as it was all in Spanish. So like respectable Irish men we went over and propped up the bar! We stayed well back from what seemed like complicated dancing in front of us. Slightly concerned that we were falling behind of the other beginners. A little later Alicia arrived, Marcela wasnt gonna make it.. and she told us we were actually at the intermediate class, thank god.. back upstairs and I started the 4basic steps, do-able.. Peadar decided to soak up the Tango culture from the safe distance of his chair! After learning the steps it was back downstairs to the Dancehall to Dance, I could do the steps OK but what was the the deal with everybody knocking into me, OK well maybe I was knocking into them. We met some Americans there and one guy from Sao Paulo who gave us his number and said he´d show us around when we got there.

The next day I went to the town of Lujan with Alicia to see the town famous for its Basilica, it took 45 yrs to build, absolutely fabulous building and they were in the process of restoring it. On wandering round the town we saw a wish machine like the one from ´big´ but I wasn't going near it far to freaky lookin, check the picture out.. On the way home I got my first chance to drive on Argentinean roads, no problem but I was in a tiny Fiat and everyone changes lanes at high speeds and cuts directly in front of you, that evening it was back to the Steak place for another Sirloin..mmmm.

I went to a Spanish lesson on Monday but haven't gotten around to another one yet. We moved out of the hostel in Downtown to a suburb where the DakarMotos Garage-hostel place is and set up our tent. We have met a good few Motorbike travellers there and gotten lots of info from them, there all nice people, we though they might be all, Carb this and Compression ratio that, but they just seem to be people like us who are really interested in travel
We visited the graveyard where Evita Peron was burried, stunning place. and visited lots of areas Downtown as we pass the time waiting for the bike to be freed! There are lots of little problems but I think it is going well...
As we sent the bikes from Ireland in one crate instead of two to save money we only have one Shipping Document (Bill of lading). We need one for each bike to get them through customs and get a temporary import document (like a visa for the bike). We were advised to get the Irish logistics company to split the Bill of lading before we left and they advised it was ´Impossible´ to have 2 Bills for the one crate. So we said we´d leave it until Argentina where it would be more possible to do this. When we got here the logistics company on this side said the originating company had to do this. So we copied the Argentines on an email to the Irish company and let them discuss between themselves who´s responsibility it was. First the Irish side said they would amend the Bill of lading, then a day later they said they would actually split the bill of lading so the ´impossible´ was no suddenly possible. Now we are waiting to get the new documents Fedex´d over to us when we could of had them in Ireland before we left..
So yesterday we were about the town when we were told they needed us in the warehouse in the south dock´s (bit of a kip) to show them who owned what stuff, you know; the panniers, Bike gear, Campo Chairs & a Football.... all essential stuff u must have on a bike trip.
So we decided to get a little boat across this swamp some might call a river to go where the taxi´s wouldn't take us looking for the name of a street I had on incorrect transcribed over the phone with the Spanish logistics company. No one knew where our made up street was and when we got off the boat we were told by this woman that we should take the bus saying that the area was Peligroso, What? Peligroso, What? ...oh dangerous... We´d already heard this word from a few other people in the last 20 minutes while looking for the south docks. She seemed to know where we were going so on the bus we went and we got further away from what looked to be the right area... but this woman and the bus driver seemed to know where we were going and 4 minutes down the road he pointed at the kerb and said this was where were to get off... He may have though it was a funny idea to send us toward the dodgy-est looking flats we had seen so far or maybe he was about to call some mates of his to rob the shit outta of us down the road... ?¿?, he was probably just confused, Figuring it was the wrong way quick enough and even further  from town we walked back the way we came with our cash and cards in our shoes at this stage... We were sure the bus didn't take any turns but when we went back down to near the river we were in a slightly different spot and as luck would have it we were pretty much in front of the correct warehouse.. Think my mam is right when she says I'm lucky!
So a while later we were being reunited with our bikes, just to say hi tho... gotta wait for that paperwork. The people in the warehouse insisted we get a taxi back to town again using the word of the day ´Peligroso´ ; )
(don't worry mam)
Later that night I went to meet Alicia for dinner in the best Italian restaurant I was ever in, I actually made the pasta myself, well I rolled out one bit and it went to the kitchen. The owner is this old woman who sits at the window with her sisters and makes the pasta all night long, it´s been there since 1922 and I don't think they have changed much since then, had tongue for starter, quite nice but I think I´ll stick to sirloin..
Anyway gotta head..cramps in shoulders Ive been here so long...
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Ste ...It must be Beer-O´Clock


From flood on Nov 9th, 2007

jealous man, very very jealous!! glad you and eh...white lightning have been reunited. Peadar hope all is well too!!

From Aine on Nov 11th, 2007

Sounds great Ste-hope everything gets sorted wi the bikes soon xx

From Egid on Nov 11th, 2007

Sounds like you are having a great time :) Enjoy and keep posting. Now stop indulging on sirloin steak and get on the road

From Mark P on Nov 13th, 2007

What film did you see? Don't write an epic mail if you're not going to pepper it with details!!!!

From Lin on Nov 13th, 2007

Either 1. Your spelling is poor. 2. You got sponsorship from Colgate. 3. Parts are falling/missing off the bike.