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Down to the beach

Written on: Monday October 29th, 2007

So we left the City and headed 5hours south to a place called Pinamar

(and see how little we´ve moved on the map),

We have to wait till the 5th of NOV for our bikes to arrive...

Then possibly CREAMFIELDS ( www.creamfieldsba.com.ar/ ) on the 10th, Sure it´s only 30euro...

and hopefully we get to go to a Boca Juniors game on the 11th then outta there to Uruguay

Pinamar is a nice enough beach town and exactly the break we needed from All-night-long Nitelife in B.A.

This place is really busy during the ´Summer´ but seen as they dont seem to think 25Degree´s is the summer yet enough there is nobody here.

I lost my credit card which is always a blast and got a healthy bit of sunburn, and they say it´s not summer yet.. not much goin on at the mo but sittin on the beach + campfires with 1euro top quality steaks and 2euro Vino..

Met these girls/women at our campsite from Buenos Aires who might show us some of the town when we get back..

Adios Amigos



From D35 on Nov 1st, 2007

Ste I think you can do better on the camera focus ;)

From flood on Nov 4th, 2007

just read your segment in the the sunday tribune. your freakin famous now! Will try and scan it in the college library later today or tommorow and email it to ya. The pic of you two is cool as well although it is true what they say , the camera really does add 10 lbs!! ;)

From Mam and Dad on Nov 4th, 2007

Go easy on those steaks or you'll need heavier tyres on the bikes Dad

From Mark P on Nov 6th, 2007

I got a chance on Sunday evening to have a look at the article in the Tribune. Fair play to both of you for blagging your way into such a respectable paper. I must say I was very impressed with it (Who took the photo - Ste?) and look forward to the continuing saga. Is is going to be weekly or twice montly? Why don't you pull out all the stops and do it daily... Safe travels.

From D35 on Nov 7th, 2007

I agree with Mark P everyday so I can log on from my 9 to 5 job and be excited about the trip im not on :) Ps. So who is Ewan and who is Charley :D