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The Arctic Sprint Photos

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A fine looking fox

If that many hit his glasses.. imagine how many hit his face! He's just a visor-up kinda guy...!! The sting back at the start couldnt even deter him so a few flies in the face aint no thang..

Did we go to far ??

We are about to embark on the final frontier, The Dalton highway! These are the voyages of Squalor tour, our mission to seek out new roads and places to go...

Crossing the Yukon River

Peadar dissapears up a steep dirt road stretch on the Dalton highway.

Long straight

Fire damage spurs on new growth

Wet at the Arctic Circle

I AM HERE !! ...Dry the next morning

Our friends the Mac's, Great company, and they fed, sheltered, movied and gave us whisky. Good People!

Dirty road to scary mountain

More dirt

on the way there it was mighty dusty.

and dirty.. but who cares when your relatively warm.

The colourful autumn plains

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