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DUBLIN, Ireland

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The Arctic Sprint Photos


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Last week at Rock the bells hip hop gig... Empty your pockets....Is Peadar a lighter thief? I THINK SO..

The end of the road in Alaska, a "mere" 3600 miles from San Fran.. THE END IS IN SIGHT

Tomfoolery, messin and so on..


Whaat,???? funky helmet hair innit...??

The kitchen table

Mornin before sunrise to give the rear tyre another go.. 4 hours later we headed off...

Windy kelleher

MOOSE SIGN, none to be seen

road and trees, a good summary of BC

Farming, its not trees

Scenery in BC

Ste VS. the Mosquito's

Peadar inspects the hunters bullets.

Yesterday the road went for hours and hours (hundreds of kilometers) through flat land with no view, then all of a sudden mountains soared above and the scenery has been astounding ever since, although i cant stop and take shots of it all..

British Columbia...



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