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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Red desert rocks of UTAH to rolling hills of SAN FRAN Photos


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About to turn onto route 66. looks confusing but American highways are easy until they meet the cities.. then I wish I had G.P.S.

Motel 66, on Route 66

Gotta take care of business

Couchsurfing house number 2... Travis's Gaf.. no picture of him. Sometimes I dont like to just push a camera in someones face, then other times I revel in it.

These are nice Indians...

yellow car

Highway 163: The two lane blacktop that leads to 'Monument Valley National Park'.

Me and ol' 163

My and Mr. Wayne

Welcome to UTAH, home to strange rocks and some strange folks too

Monument Valley National Park

Elephant rock formation

Monument Valley National Park from the other end of the 17 Mile dirt road loop.

Route 163.. what a highway

Leaving monument valley N.P.

Leaving on route 163..



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