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DUBLIN, Ireland

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Now entering FREEDOMLAND. Obey all signs in order to be free . Photos


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Hi there, you! what the hells that on ur face?

Very Sweaty and dirty in the hot garage with the bike carbs out.

Side of bike minus cover and crashbars and oil ..and the like

Crazy eyebrows on this car.. looks pissed off.. well a grump at least

A hairy corkman I know once said that when you do more miles on your bike than anyone else then its truely yours.. and I thought the title was enough. { }

Zipping through Mexico

Cactus, my last shot of Latin America

USA, Suburbia, my first photo and my first nights couchsurfing.

Meteorite crater, its huge

What it looks like if froma helicopter

A real meteorite fragmant. I touched it.. & its from outer space, theres another first

A window onto the high plains of Arizona

he was a Deresrt storm vet, he said nice bike, and tried to sell me his tent, he needs money for food. I made him a sambo instead.

USA loves GUNS

How grands ur canyon

Morning time, light is low



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