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Trains, Trucks & Pickups through the Barrancas del Cobre Photos


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Weather in Mazatlan

Pelican parking

Pannier shot 1 : rear left, New Johnny-Swine-flew sticker

Pannier shot 2 : rear right

Pannier shot 3 : left, Best beer per country.

Pannier shot 4 : right, with Flags.

Dont let a black cat at the entrance of a hotel put you off, it was a great spot

The boss, such a nice guy. ...When I was getting the bus to the train station. I was at the busstop just across from the hotel, he stood outside wagging his finger at every bus I shouldnt take and beaming a smile when the right one turned up. I felt like I was off to school for the first day!

My room, for only 5 dollars.. Bargain, its not even a bed, more like a stretcher but really quite comfortable.

My first time actually capturing a Hummingbird in flight.

Mexican flowers at sunset

Im in cowboy country now

In the municipal headquarters taking care of Business

Municipal courtyard. El Fuerte

Taco time: Night, Taco Stand.

The Train arrives... little do I realise then that Id be riding through the canyons right there on the front.



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