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DUBLIN, Ireland

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From the Guatemalan highlands back to LA LIBERTAD Photos


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Me by Lago Atitlan

Where-d I go ?


This is the sleeping Indian mountain, sideways U can see it normally but looks cooler this way

Church in San Pedro de Laguna

Want a lift there folks? Where to .. Temple Bar?, Lesson Street ??

Thats a hell of a lot of wood for an old lady to carry, and ALL I CAN DO IS TAKE A PHOTO, what a scumbag..! where are my manners gone?

Tradional attire for the men

Giggling girls

Poor guy

Some funky camera filter going down !

Childhood: He doesnt care whos looking? ; )

Local businessman

Festival of mystery (cos I didnt find out what it was about)

Texas chainsaw massacre style festival !!

The crowd looks on at the bizarre spectacle of the masked men dancing (maybe they know the meaning of this festival)



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