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Bussin it through Belize

GRrrRRrrrRr....Truck at bus stop in Guatemala

On the bus from Flores to Antigua, I finish War & Peace(its in tatters now), an epic book for an epic journey! Peadar you still owe me a pint for finishing it, I hope to claim it at the Beer festival in Portland Oregon

Old building, Antigua, Guatemala

Reunion, Antigua, Guatemala

Pedro Kelleher

Does anyone else think "Baby" Jesus looks a bit strange

Once you get out of the miniVan at Volcan Pacaya, you must rent a stick from "The stick Mafia", at 50 cent, one cant say no. and they come in handy!

Smokin Volcan Pacaya

Two crazies in front of the river of LAVA

Molten hot close up

On the stick..! now I just need to cool it and the greatest Souvenir ever is born

Church ruins, Antigua, Guatemala.

Street, Antigua, Guatemala.

Street corner, Antigua, Guatemala.

Blackcat hostel, Antigua, Guatemala. The greatest VHS collection outside my room in Wexford, OK, its probably better than mine.. Hungover sunday-A-thon: Lenny(Dustin hoffman, what a legend!), My left Foot (huge lump in throat throughout the whole movie), Mean Streets (Whatever!), Talladega Nights(Shake and Bake, baby - Shake and Bake)



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