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Bus to Guatemala, thru Belize and on to MEXICO ! Photos

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Temple I from the Central Acropolis

Temple V pokes its giant mass through the bushes

Temple V.. My favourite

A tad dodgy lookin... Especially as there was an earthquake last night at 2am...THATS RIGHT, Earthquake in Honduras, felt in Guatemala!! I slept straight through it.

I think Id prefer to head up the rock stairs thank you very much !!

After walking in the jungle for a bit Temple IV becomes visible

View from Temple IV : Do we have any star wars nerds in the house...? ( )

A Temple unrestored displays all its aged charm.

Toucan, of course

The signs are designed to drive you round the bend by sending you round in circles

TULUM, TOURIST MODE! You can always trust an asian to take a good snapshot for you.

Gods face on the corner of one of the temples in TULUM. The God on the other corner has his eyes closed..You see, its all about Duality... Mayans..Duality, U gotta listen to them guides..

Nice Beach.... tho later that day I was to be curled up in a ball. Dang Hot Sun

2days wasted due to my sunstroke and Im back at the beach...All bagged up and ready for a swim..

The sun through the clouds looked so cool..

And the next still looked good but not as magnificent

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