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Bus to Guatemala, thru Belize and on to MEXICO ! Photos


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Check out the face scrapes on that helmet. Better than my face -- Notice the instruments, they were slightly bent I tried to fix them.. and in doing so broke them even more! TYPICAL!! .. Not broke, dont fix it.

(Organisation afternoon/photo shoot) Why does it look like I have a Mayan Pyramid of luggage behind me on the bike.. THIS IS WHY

Close Up 1, spares, cooking and stuff

Close Up 2, Tools, maps and stuff

Close Up 3, Books, medicine and...yes u guessed it, STUFF

Close Up 4, Ropes, Camping, Clothes and more "stuff"

Welcome to Tikal... if you even think about it .....just DONT, OK!

Temple I, TIKAL

Ol Casty with some funky new designs... and Temple I...

Murder at night!

Ready for action!

Go on my son!!! I dare you to try and eat that giant moth!

WARNING! Do not poo in Giant toilets.. There is a very real danger of falling in

Grand Plaza, with.. yet again ...Temple I

Seat for a king! ........Filled by a commoner

The wing beats of this bird sounded like a mini helicopter taking off..ZuperLOUD! ..never seen this type before..



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